Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm) – In Depth Review – The Best Smartwatch in the World?

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – In Depth Review
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introducing the New Galaxy Watch Active 2
00:37 What in the box?
00:55 Detailed Specifications
02:13 Battery life
04:07 Power Saving Mode
04:59 Dimensions + Weight
05:10 Touch Sensitive Bezel
05:41 Comparing to Samsung Galaxy Watch
07:16 Closer look at watch ports and buttons
07:56 Default Watch Face Customisation
09:34 View All the Watch Faces
10:33 Smartphone App
13.33 Water Lock Mode
15.07 Battery: Watch Only Mode
16:35 Notifications
16:59 Music Playback/Control
17:51 Looking at all the Installed apps
20:35 Testing the “New & Improved” Bixby
22:57 Screen on Hand-Raise Test (Comparison)
23:46 Heart Rate Test (Comparison)
24:17 Bluetooth Phone Call via Bixby
25:42 Conclusion with Pros and Cons
27.05 Top Smartwatch Chart 2019 Ranking?
27:28 Bottom Line
28:07 Have a Brilliant Day 🙂

1.4″ sAMOLED Display
360 x 360 / Always-On
Gorilla Glass protection
CPU: Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.15Ghz
4GB Internal Storage
Bluetooth 5.0
GPS / WiFi / NFC
Tizen OS 4.0
Heart Rate/Pedometer
Supports BT Calls
340mAh Battery / 247mah
WPC Wireless Charging
Removal Straps (20mm)
5ATM+IP68 / MIL-STD-810G
44mm / 10.9mm / 30g

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  1. I read your cons when using with an iPhone. I’m ok not using Samsung health but the fitness tracking is ok? Or is that more within the watch? Meaning iOS doesn’t really matter on the fitness tracking part.

    Good review, I’m also ok with not reply to notifications with sms. I guess you can at least see them. Thank you

  2. So how about swimming when your are in the swimming pool and trying to do something with wet hands. How does that touch sensitive edge works?

  3. You just don't have to pass one by one to the applications just move your finger on the edges just like the samsung gear watch rotater and it will be easy to navigate

  4. I am about to buy a smartwatch, but I am confused between Galaxy Watch 46mm and Active 2.. so please suggest me one. Is the battery so long in the Galaxy Watch that I can go for it??
    Is this the only difference?

  5. I have watched many other reviews on YouTube but this one is the best review for Galaxy watch active 2.I have one question buddy…do we need to buy glass protection like tempered glass for this watch or its fine without it?

  6. Very good review!! I'm picking one up tomorrow, 44mm. My wife has the pink one, loved the big screen, I'll go for the black one too. But, I just tried her watch with the cinema question, and restaurants for the hell of it and it gave us results! Now, is that because we have Samsung Note10 plus paired too it rather than an iPhone? I'm not sure. Btw, a tip. You can use Google Assistant on your Galaxy watch. You need to download from the Samsung Store and install it also on the phone using your pc and hey presto, you have the best voice assistant in the market. However you might need a Samsung phone for it. P.S. You might have had your location switched off on the watch so Bixby didn't know where you were.

  7. can you maybe tell me, about hourly chime?? I found the option, and I turn on. but, there is no sound on every hour??

  8. Samsung smart watches has the Black Screen Of Death which is EXTREMELY annoying (the screen goes black with no functionality and the watch has to be completely rebooted if possible), similar to when Microsoft had the damned blue screen of death within their operating system years ago.

  9. Fabulous! What a fantastic and complete review! It cleared all my doubts about the smart watch and the review has prodded me to order active 2 right away.
    Keep going gentleman!
    Have a great year ahead!

  10. Wow man, what a fantastic review! I just ordered this from BestBuy here in Canada. It is $400 right now, but I got it "refurbished" for $270+ taxes, can't wait to see it! I've held off from getting a smart watch until your video. Cheers!