Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – Battery Life Test

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Testing out the battery life of the Galaxy Watch Active on a full charge! I’m using my watch on standard settings: Brightness at level 5, connected to my phone via Bluetooth all day, notifications turned on, 15 second screen time out. Lets see if I get 48hrs on one full charge.

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  1. I know this video is about the watch, but I gained 5lb from looking at those snack. Like people are so lucky to be able to eat like that and not worry about the consequences. 😭

  2. Geez…

    I see those smartwatches as ANOTHER DEVICE to charge almost everyday. I got a Mi Band 3 and I'm quite happy with it. It doesn't have the same features, but it shows notifications, track exercises, have heart rate monitoring and battery lasts almost 20 days. Couldn't be happier.

  3. I have the new active watch and the gear sport. I keep finding myself use the gear sport more because of the rotating bezel and better battery.

  4. Excellent video. It will help removes doubts in people's mind. Thank you so much, you really did invest lot of time for this video.
    Thumbs up.

  5. You should of taken a screenshot of the Wearable App to show the total usage time. I'm using a Gear S2 Sport and I get around 1 day full use.

  6. It's the continuous heart rate monitoring that's draining your battery. If you set it to frequent so I only measures you're heart rate every ten minutes your battery life should increase. I've been getting 2 days since I've adjusted the HR settings.

  7. How long have you had the watch when you made the video?

    Im having trouble with mine. When i got it. It was fine. Then its was crap battery doesn't even last me a day. Then software update a couple of days ago then it was good for a couple of days then now its back to crap battery life. Any suggestions?

  8. Is that hearth rate accurate, based on the other devices you have tested? Other reviewers are noticing HR is all around and not that accurate…

  9. Does anyone know what the battery life would be like if the watch is used for notifications only, i.e. no heart rate monitoring, no step counting or no sleep tracking turned on?

  10. when tracking my sleep, it takes around 20% battery in normal mode and around 10-12% in sleep mode.
    I usually forget to turn on sleep mode because the only difference is that it turns off my always on display.
    This week I'll test it to see how long the battery lasts if I don't wear it to sleep and leave it on sleep mode at night 🌃 but I'm pretty content with the battery life after a recent software update, it helped a lot.

  11. Interesting observation: I used to only get about a day when I first got it, but over time the battery has gotten WAY better. I use an always on display all the time and instead of dying by the end of the day like it used to I usually end the day with like 30% with heart rate monitoring on the highest setting (always) and with plenty of notifications and use. Had it since launch day. I'm not sure if this is an effect of the software optimizing itself based on how I use it or if it's an effect of the battery getting "broken in" so to speak, but I'm thoroughly impressed at this point. For reference I have the silver Galaxy watch active

  12. Thanks for this video… thinking about getting this and have been seeing reviews for bad battery life but this seems adequate for me!