Samsung Galaxy Watch ACTIVE : Full Review

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This Samsung Tizen watch, the Galaxy Watch active is the newest edition , the newest fitness focused watch from Samsung. It is a small-ish watch, which might have some benefits and it has a lot of features packed into it, but should you buy it? Let’s review the Samsung galaxy watch active, together!

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  1. Great video and really helpful. Well done Sir.
    I have a suggestion, and I mean no harm, but you should work a little bit your speech – the way you say the sentences, etc.
    Beside that Thumbs Up!

  2. I bought one of these for me and one for my wife about a week ago and mine has been great, but my wife is using the Strava app and it SUCKS, it drains the battery really quick. If you are getting this watch make sure that you are ok with the S Health app from Samsung otherwise you're going to hate it.

  3. picked this up because of the size and it can charge on any wireless charger… and its cheaper than the GW

  4. No speaker? Why wouldn't you just buy the Samsung Galaxy s3 Frontier for $150? Lmao…. You get allot more for cheaper!!!

  5. i don't have a watch yet i was thinking of the 42mm till i seen the active. not into the fitness so much. i just want a good watch that has bluetooth on samsung pay and on board storage so i am guessing i should go the 42mm then, i looked at ticwatch but i would like something with the new wear 3100 any advice. i have the s10 plus

  6. I have an S8 active, but for the sake of design, and because the original galaxy watch is pretty indestructible, I see no point in buying this over the original galaxy watch.

  7. I got it on launch day (the silver one) and I absolutely love it. I have it on always on display mode and I still get about a day and a half – two days worth of battery life on a single charge, it's nice and light and I hardly even notice it's there, it's a bit more comfortable than the Apple watch, and I think the silver one in particular has a really high-quality look to it, it looks a little less like a fitness tracker and a little more like a watch. Awesome smartwatch.

  8. I have this watch. Sometimes it vibrates and the icon appeared on display. It looks like small galaxy watch. Any of you know what that could mean?

  9. I currently have a fitbit blaze and need an upgrade. I'm looking at the fitbit versa, gear sport, and galaxy watch active because they are all very close in price. I need one that is mainly a fitness watch and not just a smart watch. Do you have a suggestion on which is better all round?

  10. Thank you for the recommendation not to get this if you've already got the Gear Sport. I was wondering whether to upgrade, the lighter build being a draw, but it sounds unnecessary. Thanks again.

  11. Everyone talks about HR and GPS and they work great but no one mentions the sleep tracking! Sleep tracking is my favorite feature on the galaxy watch active and I have no idea how it knows exactly what time I sleep and wake up! Its absolutely SPOT ON PERFECT. If I wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep, it knows. Even if I never got out of bed! Every time I see my past sleep records and averages, I feel encouraged to raise my average for the next week. The first week I had it, I had gotten, on average, 5h 58m per night. This last week, its 7h 9m. Idk how accurate the REM and deep sleep tracking is, but whenever I workout, I notice a 20% increase in deep sleep. 10/10 for the sleep tracking. The watch has some issues with only a 36 hour battery life and Bixby ofc being useless but damn sleep tracking is literally helping me improve my life.

  12. okay so lets say im about to buy a smart watch for a mild sport excercise not really anything hardcore…is it worth spending 70 euro more for these ones instead of gear sport??…i would like to go for samsung cos i have a samsung phone so the app compatibility wouldnt be a problem

  13. Because I have the S10+ I have a £50 off promotion. Is it worth getting it as an everyday watch instead of a fitness watch as the only exercise I do is walking to college/ work and once a week jogging?