Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Full Walkthrough)

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A full walkthrough of the Samsung Galaxy watch active

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  1. I just got the Samsung Galaxy watch active instead of putting it on the charger that he came with a put it on the charger that came with the Samsung Galaxy watch so tell me something is it supposed to blank red or just ate a solid red

  2. I put the heart rate monitor frequently to take every 10 to 10 minutes but when I take the watch off it still does the heart rate don't know why that is also when I'm not wearing my watch it tracks my sleep I don't know how but it does

  3. Can the samsung galaxy watch active charge in the charging dock from the Samsung Galaxy watch or do you have to the use the puck charger that comes to with it and tell me again when you say that this watch last a little over two days what do you mean do you mean it last kind of three days 2 in a half days or 3 in the half days

  4. Good video. Couple of questions, how reliable is the GPS tracker when running? And how reliable is the Strava app with GPS tracking? Also, when using GPS & bluetooth does the battery last long? Thanks

  5. Anyway to stretch the display to cover the entire display? If not those bezels are huge big mistake by Samsung makes galaxy watch or gear sport a better buy. I love the active but the bezels are huge

  6. Hi Tina! I have a question for this watch that what all things can we do on it after disconnecting from phone? Please I need to know this!

    And if I don't have a phone for 6hours then what all things does this watch have?

  7. Hi! In the vídeo it shows only English and Italian as posible languages? What about Spanish? Its available? Just thinking as the voice recorder to reply mensajes. Thank you for the video

  8. hi! great video thanks! about to pre order one now. I was wondering could you show us what it looks like on the wrist and how it looks with other jewellery on your hands? sorry  I just cant decide between rose gold or silver!! 🙂

  9. Thank you, I ordered mine on launch should be here tomorrow. Your videos helped so much, not many youtubers went into all the specs like you did.

  10. One thing that has worried me about the watch is that the display seems domed enough that an accidental contact with a wall, door fram, or other object could break the glass. I wish they had either kept the bezel or at least had protected the display better. I'm going to get mine tonight so I guess I'll see what it's like when I actually see it.