Samsung Galaxy Watch Active // Unboxing & First Impressions!

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Let’s unbox and check out the new Galaxy Watch Active from Samsung. Get it here:

Menus, interface, opinions, and more!

That t-shirt tho:

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  1. What's your opinion on this compared to the Gear Sport? A certain site has the Gear Sport on sale for $150 right now, and then I have 10% off code somewhere else to get the Active at $179. Which would be the better choice at those prices?

  2. Picked this up on release day. Its the perfect watch for fitness, notifications, and sleep at a steal of a price. Could you please do a video on the useful hidden/ unknown features of the watch?

  3. Oh my! 3:30 and admitting you don't have a Samsung phone for pairing! That's like blasphemy! Apple! OHHHHH NOOOOO. I'm done. Cannot proceed any further. I'm sporting a Samsung Galaxy Watch ANDDDDDD Samsung Note 9. Wife liked it so much she has the female version and Samsung Note 9, too. Gotta have them together to make them worthwhile. Apple, brrrrr and grrrrr, I shudder at the thought!

  4. Its so much easier to just click strength training on the apple watch when you are at the gym. Realistically I don't think I would have the patience to swap between every exercise that I do on my watch in between sets.

  5. The rotating bezel on the galaxy watch would always stop working because of dirt and dust from my job so this would work out much better. I'm already used to using swipe gestures. Just wish it was all screen to the edge instead of the donut notch.

  6. Curious as I'm not sure if that tecs there yet. Say for example if I got the glassy buds. Could I save music to the watch so if I go for a run i could simply leave my phone at home?

    Edit: galaxy buds*

  7. I'm wondering how this stacks up against the Garmin Vivoactive 3 in terms of battery life. I love my Garmin and it goes for 4-5 days no problem…but this thing looks lovely.

  8. $ 280 in Germany. Thanks for the presentation! I'm waiting for the first reviews to be there, it's a good deal, but I'm curious what this watch can actually do. Like, sub and greetings from Germany 🙂

  9. I'm still pissed they got rid of the rotating bezel. The ONE thing that universally (almost) everyone loved about their Tizen smart watches and what set it apart from everything else and they get rid of it? That is absolute idiocy–and I'm a die-hard Samsung watch fan having owned the Gear S2, S3 and the first Gear Sport.

  10. No smart watch band excites me as I have to replace them for leather or metal as I developed an allergy to their straps since the gear s3. So I'd prefer the option of original metal or leather bands from the manufacturer.