Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 – Ringan Dan Elegen!

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Samsung membawakan penambahbaikkan terhadap barisan jam pintar mereka dengan rekaan yang lebih ringan dan elegen bersama Galaxy Watch Active2!

Dijual dengan dua pilihan (aluminium atau stainless steel) 40mm dan 44mm, jam ini dilohat sesuai untuk pengguna yang aktif pada masa yang sama mahu bergaya.

Ini pandangan kami terhadap Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

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  1. Dear all, I'm user of galaxy watch active and active 2 but rarely I bring it to swimming pool and other vigorous activities. Which samsung advertised that it is good to be for activities and underwater till
    1. 5ATM + IP68 / MIL-STD-810G
    2.Galaxy Watch Active2 has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010.
    3. I use it in 1.5m height pool and was just in water (not swimming) within 10mins the watch is gone can't on back.
    4. My friends Huawei GT was doing good before during and after swimming session.
    5. Went to Samsung for warranty claim, Samsung mentioned can't claim it since has water damaged.
    6. Even I explain to Samsung how I used and all till Samsung resist to claim warranty for me.
    7. I'm totally disappointed with Samsung because I'm a fully Samsung user for years and all my mobile, earbuds, smartwatch, smart TV, washing machine are all Samsung.
    8. I'm not going to buy Samsung products anymore since its not reliable and bad after sales.
    9. Now I'm scared about my Galaxy Note 20 ultra whether will is last and tough as they advised.


  2. Jangan beli jam samsung ni.. warranty tak cover water damage walaupun ada rating 5atm.. Baru pakai 8 bulan & 2 kali bawak swimming dah rosak & warranty tak cover walau punca kerosakan adalah kegagalan seal jam tu sendiri.. kos utk repair lagi mahal dari beli yg baru.. Tak akan beli jam samsung lagi.. sadis.