Samsung Galaxy Watch not really worth the upgrade from the Gear S3

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Not really worth the upgrade from the Gear S3. In my opinion the new smart watch from Samsung fell a little short, especially after being in development for 2 years!
What do you guys think about the new watch?

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  1. Pretty disappointed. A bigger battery, a slightly better processor, and water resistance. But forced two-tone colors with less rugged look, no sapphire bezel, no MST. Not worth $300. And I do have a metal band from Amazon on my S3, and I get so many compliments. No upgrade this year. Maybe a Garmin.

  2. I am not getting that shit. Sticking with my S3 and hoping that they get it better on the next round. It's the same damn watch with less stuff appearing to be more. I loved my gear 2 and it seems like they haven't gotten it right since

  3. I think they made only two color options for the 42 mm because they're trying appeal more to the watch community who likes smaller watches but I've always liked bigger watches so I still think they should have made more color options for the bigger one

  4. I said the same thing… should've made Gold and all black in the 46mm and the mst… why take steps back Samsung. Everyone should just email Samsung and let them know or make the complaints on Twitter to Samsung

  5. I’m getting it I like the chrome and black but I bet Samsung will bring out a 46mm all black version later on in the year as it’s been a big seller for them..

  6. Samsung bought the mst technology foremost not to look like a pure copycat of android. For them to not to take advantage of their intellectual property is dumb idea. Mst is more wow than android or apple pay because you can use it at least 50% more places than their competitors.

  7. Tbh i dont wear my gear sport on my runs. I use my polar running watch. It gives really detailed info and the correct live pace while running which the gear sport cant seem to do for some reason. I dont care about the mst i have my phone always with me so taking 3 seconds to pull my phone and samsung pay isnt difficult.