Samsung Galaxy Watch Studio In-depth Demo

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Samsung Evangelist Tony Morelan gives an in-depth demo using Galaxy Watch Studio. In the demo Tony creates both a digital and analog watch face with animating graphics, all without coding.

Below are links to helpful resources that were mentioned in the video and ways for you to connect with Samsung Developers:

Galaxy Watch Studio (previously Galaxy Watch Designer)

Watch Design Review




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  1. Thanks for the in depth video. but do you know how to make the days of the week show active on the face. so to have Sun – Sat on the face & then on the correct day of the week have that day be a different colour. Ie: On Sunday, Sun appear red & then on Monday, Mon appear red etc etc. please help

  2. Hi Tony – Of all things I was just designing a space watch for myself. I borrowed your idea of changing my bkgrnd to be a watch hand so it can rotate. But I wanted to add an animation of shooting stars sweeping diagonally across that background (from about the 2 o'clock position to about the 8 o'clock position) continuously but can't figure out that part. I already wrote a script for moon phase images that I imported (fingers crossed that displays a full moon on Monday…). How do I get my shooting star effect? I already saved a shooter streak .png in Ps.

  3. Hi thanks for you helpful video..
    I'm a real amateur but what I want to know is when you made your watch hands you said you made them to size to fit in well how do you do that?
    And where do you get other designs from?

  4. Hello Hi. I have a problem. I made a face (very simple process with this tool), turned On debugging, connected the watch via Wi-Fi but there is a exclamation point in the Run on Device list after the watch is connected with gws, the problem is like described on the website tutorial:

    "Step 2. Find your watch in the Run on Device list

    If you see [ ❗ ], your watch doesn’t have a distributor certificate.

    To get a distributor certificate, click your watch’s details and follow the on-screen instructions."

    How do I get or turn On distributor certificate on my fathers SM-R800? Is there an option on the watch for this? If someone could help me I would be really grateful. Thank you in advance 🙂

    Update: ok so I have now solved the problems on my own, it was a dumb issue but at least it works now 🙂 if anyone has the same problems just ask me and I'll help you, the quick fix was just by turning On the option for installing Unknown apps in the Wearable Samsung app so that Watch can comunicate with GWS without problems

  5. Great tutorial! I feel inspired. Love the space design too. I can't wait for the Galaxy Watch that I ordered so I can start designing. One question, how can I test my design to show on the watch? Thank you so much, Tony!

  6. I know nothing about, programming, or computers really. Is there a place to download these pre-made icons, such as the step counter, and weather?

  7. I noticed that one of the watchfaces that come built in the Gear S3 by default has a stop watch built in it, is it possible to make a stop watch like that in GWS? The watchface in question is Chronograph+ this watchface changes visually while the top watch is in use which is also something I'd want to achieve.

  8. Very helpful video, thanks! I will start building an "outdoor" face but I can't find how to get altimeter/barometer readings on my watch face. Is it possible?

  9. Hi uhhh… I have another question… maybe three.
    Is it possible to add the 8 moon phases (custom or built in) onto my watch face?
    And also, is there any way to add weather and health features at the same time without using other software?
    Edit: Here I am again. How do I change the always on state myself instead of auto generating? Cause that ain't working right.

    Sorry for the hassle man. I just can't find any tutorial on how to do this online.

  10. great video. I have created my watch but no matter what i do the studio cannot find my watch to transfer it over. I have tried using a mobile hotspot but nothing happens?

  11. I have an image I want to make as a watch hand with a sweep motion, like you did with the alien, but if I import it as a watch hand it doesn't offer the length (or sweep) function like your example did. How do I get it to do what yours did instead of just turning on the spot? Right now it's just a rotating image, not acting as a 'hand'.

  12. Love these videos.
    Quick question: How can you put a steps counter and the temperature feature / tag expression togheter on one watchface ?
    The programm sais it's not possible, yet so many original watchfaces have it.

  13. Great video, thank you very much! I already developed my own watch face because I was not happy with options in galaxy store (thousands of them, I know, but still :))

    Currently it is not possible to use both temperature and steps counter on the same watch face, among other conflicts. Do you plan to add this feature soon? I still see a lot of watch faces with both weather and steps info. Do I need to use programming for that? if yes, which one?

  14. Siempre me aparece el mismo error tras instalación. Java es necesario. La última versión de java está instalada correctamente y sigue sin funcionar el watch studio, alguna idea?

  15. Nice Tutorial, helped me a lot.
    Is it possible to show an Animation with the Batterystatus? I mean at 100%-75% this Animation/Image and at 75%-50% another?