Samsung Galaxy X ,Foldable Smartphone 2017 First 3D Trailer Concept Based on Leaks

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As 2017 is expected to be a crazy year for the smartphone tech with a lot of form factor experiments from the leading brands . LG has already started the year with LG G6 with 18:9 aspect ratio which is a new concept in smartphone tech which could make future smartphones compact and more easy to carry around, but it seems this year things are getting even more extreme, when we hear the Samsung will launch its Galaxy X this year. Started of as an experimental project code named as Project Valley Samsung was successful in making it into a real product which they call the Galaxy X.

Samsung has already shown some prototype version in the CES 2014 events but entry was only limited to selected guest and thus hiding it from the main stream media. According to some trust worthy sources the Samsung Galaxy X would be a 5inch phone that could fold out into an 7inch tablet just like a wallet. Getting inspired from these leakes and clues we have created our first 3D trailer of the Samsung Galaxy X.Take a look
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  1. I love Samsung and Lenovo innovations but I'm not still satisfy.
    specially they added such a thing that does'nt really needed.
    Wireless charging is this a must?
    why not create battery that will last longer and hardware that lesser the battery consumption.
    Yes you have some MS office like Outlook, Word and Excel but I don't see database programming like Microsoft access that has Forms, Queries, Reports and codes, Visual basic and other databases.
    where are these things?
    one last thing where are USB ports and projector so, I don't need to setup a projector because my phone is already projector.