Samsung Galaxy X Introduction, Most Updated Realistic Design, Foldable Smartphone is Finally Here !!

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watch our latest Samsung Galaxy S9 final design here:

We have been hearing about Galaxy X, the foldable smartphones for a while, and now it seems we are much closer to it than ever, as the new leaks suggest the Galaxy X will debut in 2018. Earlier the leaks suggested that the launch will happen in CES 2018, but now according to the latest rumors it won’t happen, instead Samsung would have a separate event for the Galaxy X somewhere in 2018. As you guys know we have already provided you with another concept a few months back but that was our first attempt and now it seems we have a lot to add to it. So here we have created a more realistic concept realistic concept of the Galaxy X based on leaks, but the basic idea is same as of a foldable smartphone similar to our first concept but here we have given more importance the materials in a realistic manner by introducing leather wrap design combined with kevlar fabric for high durability and premium feel.

Here we have conceptualized a foldable smartphone with two separate displays one with the 5 inch screen size and another foldable display with 8 inch screen size. The 5inch display will be useful in the folded mode, in which the user would be able to use the Galaxy X as a normal smartphone while they can unfold the it to reveal the 8 inch 4K display and use the Galaxy X as a Tablet. We have also conceptualized an idea of a laptop mode( 120 degree fold) which should make the smartphone behave like a proper laptop with half of the fold turning into a fully functional keyboard why the other half will act as display and the whole UI will be changed to Samsung Dex(More info in the video below) for a complete laptop experience. so in short the Galaxy X would be able to satisfy the users who want to carry compact form factors smartphone with the 5 inch display while always has the ability to go to a larger screen with an 8 inch screen size or even convert it to a laptop if needed.
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  1. Did ya'll add the IR BLASTER back so we can continue to control our devices? tvs, projectors, sound systems, basicly everything and everywhere.

    As a tech geek and electronics business owner
    If the IR blaster is added to this id be more then willing to consider upgrading my phone from the note 4. Otherwise im going to stick with my note 4 with the zero lemon 10k mah battery.

    I absolutely love my old note 4 but id think i would like the X, only thing is battery life.

  2. Damn….if they really making it…I will definitely going to buy this tablet, phone or laptop.. that 3 in one is look really nice.

  3. Looks great! I think a third camera is missing. If there is also a camera that can be used when unfolded (1 in front, one behind and one in between), it would be even better! If this comes out, ideally with 2 sims and 128 GB minimum, it would be awesome! I would say there is 70% chance that I would buy one even though I have Galaxy S8+ with 2 sims and 128GB.

    Dear Samsung, if you read this, if you allow users using 2 sims and memory card simultaneously in addition to embeded 128GB, it will increase my chance in buying it up to 80-90%.