Samsung Galaxy X – The Leaked Foldable Smartphone, could launch at MWC 2017

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Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone gets the patent by Samsung could launch at MWC 2017!

The new patent of Samsung world named Samsung Galaxy X will be meticulously foldable.

Can you recall mobile market 10 years before, When Nokia was ruling like a monarch and Samsung was its rival? During that time Samsung and Nokia released a plethora of Flip phones in the market which amazed people with their vogue looks and stylish flipping-technology.

If you have a serious nostalgia for the Flip phones then you will surely fall in love with the upcoming Samsung’s new model named Galaxy X. So, this is the first foldable smartphone, which mankind will ever taste. In addition to that, this beast breathes on Android platform.

Some reports say that the phone was planned to release at the end of 2017 but Samsung Note 7 fiasco completely changed the policy of the Korean giant.More to add Xiaomi has recently notified that they are working on the foldable device as well. So, it will be exciting to see which company launches its new tech first in the market.


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