Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review: 30 Days Later!

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – 30 Days Later! The Galaxy Z Flip long term review is here, but this is after using this 2020 Foldable Z Flip phone for 30 days! Does the Galaxy Z Flip pack durability, camera, and more? Check out my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip mini review after one day of use! Subscribe for more Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and S20 reviews! ▶Subscribe for more:

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  1. With so many tech reviewers focused around specs instead of user experience, this was exactly the type of review I was looking for. I love your enthusiasm and attitude and attention to detail regarding how the flip plays into your life. Just bought the phone. Thanks man 🙏

  2. Im going to buy one! Ive had an s7 edge for the past 3 or 4 years so this will definitely be an improvement and i just love this whole folding screen idea 🙂

  3. Almost went for it, but I have an S10 and with the comparable specs, its like Im spending $1300 for a hinge, and losing the close up camera, SD card slot, and headphone jack. Thats not a good deal. Hopefully the next one fixes these but I dont expect it to.

  4. Thanks Dom. I really appreciate your observation about being able to shut off your phone by folding it. I think that's such an understated but huge benefit. Especially today. I'm a Note10 user and the S-pen is a deal maker for me, so I think I'll wait a bit on the folding phone. Besides, I think the next two generations will see a large improvement as is usually the case. But, for now, keep on enjoying your new phone and thanks for the review!

  5. I want to buy this phone but im worried that because i work in a DIY store im worried that dust will get in it.
    My feeling says get it. Anyone have opinions

  6. I have the z flip in mirror purple and funny i don't even need the small screen to take pic using the back cameras cause the phone is mirror purple and u can see urself very easily and it lines up pretty well lol and I've been using mine a while and it feels fine no problems at all and I fell of a scooter with this in my pocket and not a scratch on it and it stayed in my pocket cause it wasn't sticking out like a normal phone

  7. Thank you. This is JUST the video I needed! Everyone's been doing unboxings but I wanted to know impressions AFTER actually using it 👏🏻

  8. Got mine in the first batch. Absolutely love it! Finally a phone that feels good in the hand, open, it works just like any other slab smartphone, but closed it reminds me of a beautiful piece of jewelry. Near perfect!

  9. I have this also close to a month. Its really a solid phone.

    You are paying for research as an early adopter.

    Thats pretty much

  10. love my z flip since day 1. no regrets. only eyes staring at you looking at your phone lol breaking into 2.