Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Tips Tricks & Hidden Features | YOU MUST TRY!!

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Thank you so much for watching my Samsung Z Flip, Exclusive Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features video. Let me know down in the comments which was your favourite!

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  1. I would never buy another Samsung Z Flip, where the screen fold the plastic cover on the screen has lifted and now has dust between it and the glass screen. It's 5 months old, I have sent it back to be repaired just for Samsung to tell me the damage was done by me now I have to pay for a new screen. I'm willing to pay for the new screen even tho I didn't damage the z flip screen, it's been two months now without the phone and everytime I call them they have different excuses why I don't have my z flip back. I couldn't wait any longer and I could of bought the new z flip 5g but not after all the lies and stuff around from Samsung. I will never buy another Samsung phone again, instead I bought the new Motorola Razr 5g and Wow it's a much better phone. The Motorola Razr even looks like a flip phone, not like the Samsung Z Flip looks like a lady's small makeup case.. Be Ware of the Screen on your Z Flip, shame on you Samsung 👎👎

  2. You are the best tech
    I just brought the zflip
    And your trips and tricks made me more happy
    Keep it up and may god bless you

    Can anyone subscribe me as I just open my own YouTube need support ❤️

  3. I owned the Z Flip 5G for 3 days, sent it back to Samsung today. There is a reason they don't have them on display at phone stores. They are much better in our mind than they are in reality. Very cumbersome to "flip" and I have pretty big hands. Way more of a hassle to use and without a functional outer screen like the Moto, it's just plain worthless. I've gone back to my S20 Plus for now. I may try the Razr, but will most likely wait til the next version of the Z Flip, if it has a functional outer screen I'll give it a go.

  4. I do like the Samusng Galaxy Z Flip Phones are cool right I can do much to listen to music and texting my friends in a snap and to FaceTime as well and it's cool

  5. came back to this video for your wallpapers 😆😁
    just got this phone yesterday

    also I love the pop up/out screen mode. instead of split screen, you have like 4 or more windows open lol

  6. Thank for a USEFUL review. You went beyond what most people review and seemed to have actually used the phone and tested out how you can use it to help get things done!

  7. Thank you for the great Z-Flip wallpapers. Luv the notebook and the cracked screens. After 8 months with mine, you reminded me of some features the little screen can do that I forget about except the camera as unfortunately in Canada, its disabled for security reasons