Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing: It's Growing on Me!

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Unboxing and switching to perhaps the most interesting phone in the world…

Galaxy Z Flip leather case:

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  2. Anybody, right now, who uses a "work phone" in a "BYOD" to work scenario, will be shocked to hear that they're gonna have to switch back to the 2021 BlackBerry 5G phone in the works right now. Why? Because the corporate world is going to shift back to providing employees with devices that are actually and properly secured. Will users have to carry two devices? Nope. The 5G BlackBerry has a goal in mind, people will actually want to use the device and they're actually putting great cameras on a BlackBerry – FINALLLY! Onward Mobility is the best! Watched a conversation with the Onward guy doing this, and he's not crazy – I think he's a genius for doing what he's doing.

  3. I have had my Z Flip since March 4th. I loved my original unit until it got a dead pixels cluster and permanent scratches from my lint free clothes. Samsung fixed it for free and I still LOVE this phone. Even though I rock the Note 20 Ultra, I am still amazed by the engineering behind the Z Flip and if phones were "cool" – the Z Flip is the "coolest" phone I've ever had. I love it. Even the tiny outside display. It's a minimalist tech users wet dream.