Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Z Flip 5G: Watch Before You Buy!

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This is my comparison video between the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. In this video I’ll cover the major differences between the two phones, and talk about the processor upgrade to the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865G, as well as the new 5G modem, and the color changes. I’ll also do some side by side comparisons and talk about the two phones, pricing, and which one is best for you.

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  1. it doesn't really matter if they pick up finger prints if u put a case on it, im not gonna run around w a 1k phone without protection lmao

  2. Would you recommend the the 4g for Β£720 over the 5g for Β£850 or is the 5G with extra processer worth the money in terms of futureproofing? Debating on this phone, wanted this phone since they've announced it. These prices are the usual for mint condition for these phones in most trade in stores in the UK in case anyone wonders

  3. Awesome video. Thank you for creating and sharing. Probably best for me to wait for the Z Flip 2 and see how Samsung matches up to the most current Motorola Razr. Hope to see Motorola Razr vs Z Flip 2 comparison video from your channel.

  4. Do you think that those matte screen protectors would would be ok to apply? Like the ones on amazon, just not sure if i should trust those 3rd party brands

  5. I owned the Z Flip 5G for 3 days, sent it back to Samsung today. There is a reason they don't have them on display at phone stores. They are much better in our mind than they are in reality. Very cumbersome to "flip" and I have pretty big hands. Way more of a hassle to use and without a functional outer screen like the Moto, it's just plain worthless. I've gone back to my S20 Plus for now. I may try the Razr, but will most likely wait til the next version of the Z Flip, if it has a functional outer screen I'll give it a go.

  6. Samsung is much better than apple. Wireless and Reverse wireless Charging, 5G, Hi-speed WIFI, Screen Protector for 5G model. The Camera is not as good as Note Ultra or apple Pro max but adeququate. You GET A CHARGER and EAR PHONES. Take my Money!

  7. I am on the fence between 5g flip and fold 2, I am just afraid for not liking the phone later if I buy it. Also, I am afraid of samsung infamous slowdown

  8. You're better off getting the original version and get the screen repaired for 120 bucks (assuming it wasn't already repaired). Just make sure the back glasses aren't cracked. Or replace them, fairly easier to do.

  9. The 855+ and 865+ perform IDENTICALLY unless you're playing pubg 24/7 or Genshin impact. If you do normal stuff like basic browsing and media consumption then they will be indistinguishable

  10. Nice! It has 5G and the Snaodragon 865+. But I wait for the 2 version and hope it has 120 Hz. Aaaand I hope, that when it has 120 Hz, that the battery doesn't fall so fast πŸ˜….

  11. Definitely gonna subscribe. I like the way you explain things, interact in comments, and overall you just throw out facts and keep it real. I’ve been an iPhone user since they came out, I ended up getting the Note 8 but it wasn’t for me so I went back to the iPhone. Time for an upgrade so I’m gonna go with the Z Flip. Thanks for the review I was looking for one like this.

  12. A big issue is the first gen zflip does not have Dex after 8 months it still does not have Dex and the new zflip already has it….lesson is don’t buy Samsung first release products when they call them flagships… they are not flagships unless they have same functionality as current phones..

  13. thanks for the comparison. Ive been considering buying a z flip as a graduation gift for my self from college. I like the mirrior colors more personally esspecially the purple. i think now for a new non 5g z flip i found around $1000. also now that we know samsung is doing updates for 4 years at mininum i feel more comfortable with the non 5g for the extra savings.

  14. Thanks for the info on the battery while using 5G, I have a OnePlus 8 5G and noticed the battery burned through a lot faster then my LTE phones. I recently just order a flip just because of the features, but I figured 5G would require more power, and you reassured me!

  15. I currently have the Mi Mix 3 ( bought at launch ) but I really want this phone as the razr let me down….. and im a flipologist (S/O to Floss haha).

    Good review tho man, Thanks