SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G hand on leaked, watch it before Planing to buy.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 2

Hi… this video about leaked video on Twitter of ” Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 ” and try to explain what is look like in hand. This video can also help to you about appearance and size of fold and unfold of Samsung Galaxy Z fold2. If you gugs want detailed video about it, click on link below


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  1. This phone still have a crease in the middle And I'm fine with my Galaxy fold one looks very futuristic with the 2 cameras in sigh the screen And the price is too high for the fold to Look the same like the 1st one Just more detail different

  2. OMFG this phone is amazing, seen few videos but this shows it best in normal light and a split screen app. It can run wide video formats half folded on the table. Also it enables the minilaptop use case with ease, just like the Surface Duo.