Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – The Big Problem.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, looks….Great! It’s Specs, Display, Cameras, battery and features all seem to be on the right track, but honestly, I do think there’a a more fundamental problem..
Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra:
Google Pixel 4a Unboxing:

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  1. I wish it was like having 2 phones by splitting the screen so the other person like your friend can play games or use the apps you have like Minecraft in two separate screens, but like two separate devices.

  2. Arun: the screen is more prone to scratching on the mate 20 pro.
    Me: screams in horror at my phone who only has one screen that is always outwards.

  3. You are late to the party, to only now start criticizing the design concept of the Fold. It has one BIG advantage… durability, as in it protects the more delicate screen inside. The Mate X, if designed perfectly, I will grant you would potentially be a more efficient design, but in reality, it is a scary device to own and use, one drop and you are done.

  4. This is the phone form factor I'm looking forward to. I love reading books digitally but I hate having way too many devices. Current phone's screen sizes are just too small for reading pdf's on a regular and I prefer the size of 8-inch tablets over the larger ones but their screens are only 2 inches bigger than plus smartphones so it would just feel too redundant for me so this phone is just perfect. If they can just merge the features of note to this phone I'd literally sell both of my kidneys.

  5. The 120hz is one of the most over rated feature ever. I owned the S20+ with 120hz Display. And i own the iPhone 11 max pro with 60hz Display. Using both mobiles the difference was neglectable.

  6. I agree! Also Its waaay to thick and it doesn't look thst good. Imo Huawei mate XS still the best foldable phone. Its thin and slick. And when u open it, its s freakin mini ipad in size and all that in on giant one screen. Can't wait to see what Huawei's next foldable will be like.
    Btw i own a Huawei p40 and really dont need google services. Huawei appGallery has everything i need. For youtube i use Vanced its WAY better than normal youtube, it kills all ads.
    Also Huawei is not out of the picture, Huawei in june became number 1 biggest smartphone manufacturer surpassing samsung.

  7. apple will release a foldable phone with 1gb ram, dual core proceesor, 100mah battery, 2 mp camera , 480 tft display and he will be like this is best foldable, this is what consumers want, fuck off, why cant you apperciate when something new is happening, its very hard to build a phone and that too without chineese components and can you just make fucking any of phone. dont judge the work of theese hardworking people by sitting on the chair.

  8. every youtuber has problem with samsung. why, because of best tech, innovations, best display. nobody has problem with poor 720p display on iphone that to lcd, no sd card support, this shows they just like phones with old design, old tech and are not welcoming new tech, what kind of tech youtubers are you ?

  9. Reviewers are never satisfied. WHAT DO YOU WANT!!! Samsung is is fixing what you were griping about and you are still griping!! For crying out loud, how many cameras or screens do you NEED to use at once anyway!! Maybe you'll be satisfied if they came out with a phone that could use 600 screens or cameras at the same time……..GEEZ!!!

  10. I feel like I’m the only person on the planet that feels like foldables are “going backwards”. The whole reason phones moved to slabs in the first place. #1 is more longevity. #2. More seemless user experience. With foldables, you lose both of those things.

  11. The problem with inward folding displays: excessive duplication of components resulting in higher price, extra width so it doesn’t fit in your pocket, hinge crease, folding glass or plastic screen so not durable, moving parts(hinge) which easily gets damaged.
    The problem with outward folding displays: easily gets scratched or damage since the screen faces outward, less thick but still doesn’t fit in your pocket, hinge crease, still an exorbitant price, folding glass or plastic screen so not durable, moving parts(hinge) which easily gets damaged.

    You see where I’m going with this? Foldable have inherent issues that just cannot be fixed. You can’t have a foldable without a hinge (and this isn’t just for smartphones, look at books, wallets, hell even clothes! Every single one will have a crease if you fold it). You can’t have a foldable that doesn’t get damaged easily. Moving parts will always wear out, especially with something like your smartphone that goes in your pocket every day, and the bigger it is the worse it gets affected. The screen will always, always get scratched easily, because you can’t have it both flexible as well as scratch resistant at the same time!

    Get it? Foldables are NOT the future.

  12. honestly they didn't fix any of the problems people had with it.
    the display on the front is still tiny af but just tall.
    the phone is hilariously fragile
    it will probably cost 2000$. noone other than a very small percentage of people can afford that
    the crease is there
    it goes from a bad phone into a mediocre tablet. I want somethign that'll turn from an iphone x into an ipad mini-ipad

  13. Ref the theory that these companies don't want people to buy there foldables I can tell you he's wrong on this, all mobile companies (I work for one in the UK) classify customers and one of the most prized groups are what we call "early adopters", we love this class of customer, these are the silly buggers who go out and buy the latest greatest phone as soon as it comes out irrespective of price because they just have to have the latest greatest tech (you've seen these, the bunch of dozy buggers who start queuing outside apple stores when a new iPhone comes out because they can't wait 1 x day longer than the launch day to have the device)…so the pricing is there and will remain there until all the early adopters have bought the tech, then the price starts to fall as we move to the most savvy purchasers who will pay big but not pay silly for the there tech…

  14. Why don't find major mistakes in Apple, they are running after Samsung seems like deliberately, the point he is try to mention why don't he mention these points when he is using apple, bloody fcking Isheep