Samsung Gear 360 2017 4K Video: See how good it is!

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New Gear 360 available here:

This video is a test of the video capabilities of the new Samsung Gear 360 2017 edition. This video was stitched together using the Action director software

I set the Gear 360 to maximum 4K resolution and took a walk around my local park. See for yourself how the footage turned out.

I’m testing all the capabilities of Samsung’s newest 360 camera, some decent weather would be nice but what can you do!


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  1. It seems less shaky from you walking than the v1 Gear 360, but more shaky just in general. Almost like it's vibrating just a little bit.

  2. Great test video! Thank you. I just bought the 1st version today, but will return if this makes it to the US by the middle of June. Hurry up, Samsung!