Samsung Gear S2 – Unboxing & Review!

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Samsung Gear S2: Unboxing & Review – Samsung’s Gear S2 and S2 Classic may be two of the best smartwatches in 2015. Samsung Gear S2 vs Apple Watch video linked below. After spending almost 48 hours with the Gear S2, here’s my unboxing & review. ▶Buy the Samsung Gear S2:

Samsung Gear S2 Impressions!

Samsung Gear S2 vs Apple Watch!

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  1. I got one today and I love it so far I am texting on it and reply to people when they text me own thing That I can't do is answer calls but I Don, t know if that is because I have the Bluetooth one or not.

  2. This watch still holds up to this day!! The only thing that could be improved on this could be the OS and the limited amounts of apps. I will do a "Three years later" review soon