Samsung Gear Sport: Official Launch Film

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Go beyond fitness with the new versatile yet stylish Gear Sport and lead an active and balanced lifestyle.

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  1. This thing is terrible after a software update. Everything was broken on it. I took mine back for a refund because I know how bad Samsung are at abandoning products they messed up on, even if it's something that can be fixed with software. Spotify kept crashing. Audio stopped working. The voice coach sounds like she's in a bad mood. Uber doesn't work on it. It stops tracking your heart rate after a few minutes and you get a flat line…. The list goes on and on… They've basically released an unfinished product.

  2. Dears
    I can't turn off power saving mode on gear s3 after the latest update tizen 3.0.
    The watch changes to saving mode from it self.
    Not give me any options, only to turning off, but nothing happened if I select, it's stock on this mode .
    Need your help .