Samsung: Giving is a gift to be shared

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The story of a friendly and diligent concierge of an apartment block who prepares for the various holidays celebrated by its diverse range of residents. The film celebrates the universal spirit of togetherness during the holidays, as no matter where you are from in the world, giving is what unites us all.

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  1. Dear samsung,can i give a design for the note 9 can you make 4 cameras 2 in the bottom and 2 in the top and the screen can be bigger than the note 8 so you can fit those 4 cameras

  2. They remembered all the religions and excluded muslims and arabs whom their countries are one of the biggest samsung market!!! Shame on discrimination !

  3. Hey Samsung !!! I'm a muslim and i never celebrate christmas. But, i wanna know what we feel if someone give you gift in christmas, so can you give me samsung galaxy a5 2017 for free ?