Samsung Health: Using your Galaxy Watch3 to get better sleep | Samsung

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When you sleep better, you feel better. Here’s how you can use Samsung Health along with Galaxy Watch3 to track and improve your sleep cycle.

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  1. I feel violated, unsafe and threatened by the samsung health app. It simply refuses to stop counting steps. There's no option to disable it. Out of fear for my safety I had to uninstall the app. I regret buying a samsung phone. I deeply regret buying a samsung watch. I'll do my best to make sure people arround me don't make my same mistake.

  2. Haha what if you are doing night shifts 5x a week , got responsibilites commitments and you sleep 4, max 5hrs a sleep with a breaks. Awesome ha…I will die at age of 50

  3. Samsung, let's talk about how you disabled the blood pressure monitor on my $400+ watch.

    I bought it for that feature and then you disabled it with a software "update"

  4. The rem tracking must be a little off, if it is accurate that means I lost my mind months ago. Otherwise I am very satisfied with the sleep tracking.

  5. I have this and a Fitbit Sense watch. Fitbit is not so good at many things. Honestly though, the way things are presented and recorded with the Fitbit, it's far superior than the information given by Samsung health app and watches. It's very unfortunate to see this happening. I'm a die hard android plus Samsung user and I can't believe I'd say this but the Fitbit Sense and app experience is more worth to invest in.