Samsung Infuse 4G vs Apple iPhone 4 Part 2

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Hands on AT&T Face Off between the Samsung Infuse 4G vs the Apple iPhone 4.


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  1. NICE JOB!!! You just said that the iphone 4s has 3.375 times the actual resolution! It's not an HD display. It's retina, because it's 3.5 inches. Modern android phones are true HD resolutions and STILL have the same ballpark pixel density that apple claims as "retina" and in 2013 there WILL be 1080p phones, but they will be android, not iphones (iphone 5 is 1136×640; not even 720p). Look at the screen quality of many new android phones; you may prefer iphone, but it's got serious rivals.

  2. And FYI:

    iPhone 4S – 1080HD Retina Display, 1080HD Camera & Videos

    Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G – 720HD Display, 720HD Camera & Videos

    Seriously, just hold an iPhone 4S in one hand and the Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G in the other and turn both of the phone's brightness to the max on both and do a camera, video, and display test. Oh, and also do a battery life test.

  3. I've had the Samsung Galaxy Infuse right before I got my iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4S shows much better and brighter than the Infuse 4G. The phone even looks and feels better (which is an opinion by the way). The Infuse 4G battery life compared to the 4S is just sucky. And to me, it doesn't even matter what screen may be bigger, the iPhone 4S shows WAY better than the Infuse. The camera is better on the 4S. And I love iOS because there are more apps and SO much better games for game lovers.

  4. My Android's battery life is longer then my dads Iphone. You can't compare an Android with an Iphone after just one Android. Almost every Android is different but the Iphone is like CoD, SSBD Same shit but different….

  5. Androids battery life SUCKS compared to iphone, it's just not practical at all for an adult to have. Maybe if you're a teenager that gets off on how bright the screen is and don't care that you have to constantly charge your phone 3 times a day then it's fine. Plus, whenever i'm at a high end hotel, the usually have stereo docking devices like Bowers and Wilkens that only work for IPHONES!!!

  6. Infuse 4g butt rapes any apple or iPhone 4 or 4s Steve jobs didn't die from cancer he saw this video and killed himself true story he watched the video on an infuse 4g to its said by some they found the infuse 4g deep inside his colon after he died Samsung has yet to be charged with rape but this is def rape in the first digree…….smh at apple high five to Samsung epic phone

  7. I got my galaxy infuse is amazing, my friends like more my galaxy their iphones 4s, especially the cam and video. Galaxy inf has 12 pix. Full hd. Iphone has 4 pix. Video media hd. Galaxy is awesome

  8. Its like comparing Xbox 360 to PS3:

    Iphone is like Xbox360: Both more popular, Both User freindly, both stingy as fuck and both suck. and are expensive as fuck. (i have both haters.)

    Infuse is like PS3, Less popular, less user freindly but way more option (like browser), more bang for your buck (build in harddrive, rechargeable controllers, Blue ray) also i do not own either of these.

    WTF IS WITH THE POPULATION… fucking tired of being jipped all the time.