Samsung M2070 Multifunction Laser printer (Unboxing, Quick Review)

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Toner needed by the Samsung M2070 Printer: MLT-D111S
This printer CAN’T print on both sides of the paper, duplex feature is NOT available on this model!. M2875ND or SL-M2825ND has duplex.

Download M2070 Driver & Software :



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  1. Just bought this printer and was having trouble trying to get to the toner cartridge. I found your video and it basically told me everything I needed to know! Thank you very much for saving me the trouble of working out what to do!

  2. Thanks for the review. I usually have to replace toner every couple of months. I wasted tons of money going to the local office supply stores until I found a better solution. I order it online and usually receive my toner the next day and save. Excellent quality and service. If anybody is interested I would recommend checking out the prices here

  3. can you use generic toner? cause i heard it has a chip and it causes problems? is that true? originals are quite pricey and i prefer generic toner.

  4. A minha Samsung Xpress M2020 quando ligo ou quando dou o comando para imprimir ela apresenta um barulho que parece que está procurando folhas só que é bem alto ele imprime bem mais este barulho é muito alto. Alguém do canal pode me ajudar a solucionar?? Agradeço desde já.