Samsung makes Fun of Apple(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

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  1. Lots of the features in this video are useless. Wireless Charging sucks, sold it after a week; no point over to save a few seconds, fell off sometimes.
    Bigger screen, that one cm really doesn’t matter
    Multitasking; I have an iPad and never ever find a time where I would need to use it.
    People talking about headphone jack, Bluetooth earphones or headphones, adapters, stock apple earphones.

  2. Samsung is a clear winner because they were first, Apple copied them. If our phone messes up we can open the back and take out the battery unlike Apple where you have to pay to fix it. We have water resistants. Our phones don't crack as easily, and Samsung is smart and they didn't make the back of the phone glass. Google apps run better on here. Battery lasts longer. Has multiple buttons. Didn't name the Samsung 8 the Samsung X because that means 10 in Rome Numerals. We have stylists for the phone. Bigger screens. Better speakers. Cheaper for more. Doesn't need like a million different wires just so you can have earbuds while it's charging. And people who say they don't like Android/Samsung have never used one of there phones or products before.
    And I think that's all of it besides the whole idea of the iPhone. ?

  3. Even the fact that Apple doesn’t have to compare itself to Samsung in commercials to get attention is the reason I‘m watching this on my iphone ,Well done Apple