Samsung Newest Commercial Throws Shade At The iPhone X And It’s Brilliant!

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  1. True true true true i cannot argue no need for me to have the s5 to do what my iphone cant this will likely be my last iphone til they do better

  2. Greetings! I am one who has been using Apple products for years and years. I am deep in the Apple environment and have considered leaving it several times, but the fact that I have invested so much in Apple, it makes me pause. I will be the first to tell you that I more than agree with you on every point made here. I firmly believe that Apple no longer “needs” to push the envelope, be the best, or even innovate anymore. This is because of people like me that are so invested that it would be very difficult, and I do mean difficult, to leave it. Plus, I find it hard to find the same quality in apps and tools out there outside of the Apple ecosystem. I have been seriously considering changing my phone to something other than Apple, but even there I hesitate because again, I like the tools that I have and the investment to have something comparable in Android is substantial. Maybe there is a solution, or solutions, out there. Any suggestions?
    Again, I agree wholeheartedly with what was said here and as an Apple “person”, I sincerely feel like Apple has abandoned the innovation and creativity that they once had. They are more concerned with the bottom line than they are those who supply it!