Samsung Note 3 vs iPhone 5s- Which is Faster?

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Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5s- Benchmark Comparision :
iPhone 5s vs Samsung Note 3-Video Comparision :
iPhone 5s vs Galaxy Note 3-SlowMotion Comparision :
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  1. +Ahmadhassan Rana U are right i also agree note 3 is better, its my Daily drive but at some point iPhone 5 is also better, Both phones are great.U see my channel where i did comparision of nexus 5 with iPhone and nexus 5 blows away iPhone.If that was the case then i wouldnt have done any comparision between phones that dont make iPhone inferior.Hope this answer ur question and concern.

  2. you do only those tests in which apple is better
    do antutu,quadrant etc
    i5 has 1 gb ram note 3 has 3 gb
    note  1080p screen i5 has 640p
    note 3 quad core at 2.4 i5 dual core at 1.6
    you are saying i5 is better