Samsung Note 8 Low Light ISO Test – Different Camera Mode/Apps

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I wanted to see how well the Samsung Note 8 handles low light. This is my Samsung Note 8 low light iso test using different camera modes, the standard, pro mode, and the Filmic Pro app.

The standard camera mode does auto iso and you can see it is not the best for low light quality, pretty good for a mobile phone, however, in my opinion.

The pro mode is wonderful if you want to set your own setting, however, the highest you can go is iso 800. What’s great about pro mode is you can play with metering, shutter speed, and iso settings.

Filmic Pro is a wonderful app and you can set the quality of the capture rate, I used standard quality. It allows for selective focus and exposure as well. This is a fantastic app for $14.99. Depending on the hardware capability of your phone, you will get Filmic Plus or Filmic Pro.

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