Samsung Note 8 Smartphone – REVIEW

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Samsung Note 8 REVIEW

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  1. One of the most honest, fresh and well scripted reviews on YouTube. Thank you Jimmy. Love your channel, your positivism and energy in all of your videos. Definitely the Note 8 is a beast and a good option for an amazing Android smartphone! Keep up the good work. Pura Vida! ?

  2. My eye reader thing works really fast. You gotta hold the home button and look at the the red flash dot at the top. When you do that, it's almost an instant entry, it skips the little circle thing.

  3. I HATE HATE HATE Bixby. S Voice could understand me better than 90% of the time. Bixby is about 50% and sends me the worst GPS directions ever experienced – got me lost several times. What good is an app if it can barely understand you? It was such a mistake not to wait until Galaxy Note 9 comes out so the bugs (especially with this hateful app) would probably be worked out.

  4. High quality review jim!!! With animations and all… Very standard…. But why r u wearing that torren/ broken cap….. I am asking u because is there any story behind that?????