Samsung Note 9 camera problem (Buzzing Noise)

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Well i recently came across a problem in my Note 9 camera. Whenever the double optical zoom is encountered the camera cant keep on focusing and makes severe buzzing noise which can be heard and seen on the footage. Contacted samsung and they refered me to Geek Squad who made an order for a new camera unit.


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  1. I have the same problem.
    Suddenly today when I used camera and zoomed it. The motor buzzing so loud and I can feel the vibration when hold it.
    How do you resolve it?
    I will bring my note 9 to the samsung galery because it still has guarantee.

  2. Same problem here in Indonesia. Exynos chip. Happened before and after Pie. Still worried if Samsung break the water tightness of the case and ports if I decide to send my device to them.

  3. So i took my phone to u break i fix. they replaced the camera unit and so far the issue is resolved. Wonder samsung is not at all serious about this problem. they must recall all the phones