Samsung Note 9 S Pen Has BLUETOOTH

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The FCC has cleared Samsung’s Note 9 S Pen for Bluetooth functionality, which is exciting to say the least, but what will they use it for?

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  1. crazy, there is no need to make a bluetooth s pen and everyone that talks about it is trying to make sense of it all its just another thing to drive up the cost of the phone the s pen is fine as it is. I own a note 8 and happy with the s pen without bluetooth

  2. I might shoot for the note 9. Definitely excited to say what Samsung has in store for us Samsung users.

    It's either the note 9 or the S10/SX that will be my next smartphone of choice.

    Although bluetooth in the spen seems kind of useless, but I'm hoping to be proven otherwise.

    Love your videos, you're like the only guy on YouTube who's willing and daring enough to fight against crapple. Staaay beamin' ??

  3. love the new track at the end.. u should use the drone footage as one shot that's in the sky floats down to you and you then say ''Stay beemin''' lol

  4. Wirelessly charge it? Why? Why not just have a couple of contact points for charge… I hope they add more buttons for multimedia control/and/or programmable/per app

  5. Im also interested in what they will mainly use it for. Possibly using with S devices? Control music as you said? Bixby even? Or the best idea, imbed a fingerprint scanner in the pen so you can unlock your phone with a fingerprint without having to pick it up….. ? Great vid.

  6. Honestly I think the S pen is just fine the way it is and doesn’t need any, new features it’s meant for taking notes sketching and all that. I like my S pen the way it is to be fair