Samsung Notes In-Depth Tutorial – Galaxy Note 8

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This is the most detailed training on a huge feature of the Galaxy Note 8. Here is all you need to know about S Note and exactly how to use it. Enjoy!

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  1. This new note program for note 8 sucks. Bring back S Note. That's why I upgraded. I can't zoom in or out with this new crappy note program. In my opinion, Samsung went backwards on this new note program.

  2. Nice turtorial! Can you help figure out how to have these notes sync to Evernote? I know last year with Note 7 (before it got recalled) I am able to use to sync with Evernote.

  3. S-Note > Samsung Notes. Yes, these are two different apps. The former was the original Galaxy Note app from Note 1 to Note 4. I miss the ability of the S-Note to convert hand written formulas to actually typed equations.

  4. Samsung Notes to me is a downgrade. I hate that I can't have an image, text and handwriting in the SAME SPACE. I hate that they MUST be separated pages. It really hinders creativity. Also S Note came with pre-drawn figures and characters that were helpful. You could also save your own drawings and icons in "User-Drawn" so that you have drawings that you could use often by just selecting them. (a la boiler plates). I really hate that they did this.

  5. When setting up S NOTE it says you can link actions call written numbers (basically things you could do in action memo) however when I go I to the application I see no ability to like what I wrote yet Samsung has removed Action Memo!

  6. I finally spoke with technical support at Samsung. they said if I transfer old SNOTE 4.1 to Note 8, when it updates, 4.2 will replace it automatically. is thus true?

  7. I just bought my Note 8 and transferred over my my S Notes from my Note 5 but have yet to figure out how to edit my Note 5 S notes in Note 8. Any suggestions, tips/tricks?

  8. The Note 8's namesake app, Samsung Notes, can't even add a page to a note. How did Samsung miss this?

    So, for example, you open the Note app to . . . wait for it . . . makes some notes. You get to the bottom of the page after writing with the stylus and . . . how do you add a page so you can continue making notes?

    Compare to the Note 2 or Note 4, which I still have, where if you want a single note with 5 pages you simply click + to add a page.

    Now, with the Note 8, you can't make a single note with 5 pages. You have to create 5 separate, single page notes.

    I'm taking mine back unless they update and fix this, their namesake app, in the next 6 days.

  9. Was this Samsung Note or S Note? I saw a video that compare Samsung Note to S Note and S Note had so many more features… Good job on producing the video but I don't believe this is S Note

  10. Hello
    Thanks for this demonstration
    Where is the action memo I think it was very important
    Again where is insertion of ideal sketch and easy chart and photo notes why these omitted from note 8 s note?

  11. I just want to make indents under my bullet points to separate main bullets and sub bullets, this really sucks, i'm really disappointed with the note 8 note system

  12. We can download S note from Galaxy AppStore there. But I think Samsung should figure out and add back S Note templates to Samsung Note

  13. Hi ?
    I loved the note 8 but I have some questions about Samsung notes and the S pen
    Since I’m engineer student
    I relay need to take notes every time
    I mean a lot notes big notes drowning and designing electrical circuits
    However I wonder how is the accuracy of the S pen when it comes with writing some large notes and what the smallest possible size of the font I can write?!?
    If u make a video for this questions I will be very thankful ❤️

  14. This is not an in-depth tutorial. How to move text around on the screen? Say if you deleted some text from the top of page and you wanted to move the other text further up toward the top. I did not see the icons on the top of the screen as you had. I did not see the mic in my icon list. How to turn on/off grid lines? There are a lot of things that can be done with the S-Note. Next time do a "In-Depth" tutorial. Not just a quick overview.

  15. hey…I went from the note 5 to the note 8…in the notes section of 5 I was able to add a page…I don't see that option on the 8…do you kno how to go about that…i didn't see it in your tutorial …i did see it added automatically…I want to me able to do it on my own….thanks!

  16. You must have a different version of this app than I do, because I cannot replicate some of the steps you made, like voice recording and converting handwriting to text. (Quicker, anyway, for me to simply go to my keyboard, click on the microphone, and do voice-to-text.)

  17. I don't see where I can add a cover page, like I could on my Note 2 and 4.
    I don't like that you can see my handwriting when you open the app. Anyway around that?