Samsung Notes VS S Note on Note 8 – What Should You Use?

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2 great Notes taking apps, so little time. Learn which app is going to work best for you in today’s app tutorial. I cover all the ins and outs of what these apps can do and where you can download S Note.

00:22 Note History Lesson
00:53 Samsung Notes Tutorial
01:58 Import Your Note Data
03:23 Handwriting Toolbar Plus
04:06 Taking a Note
07:32 S Note Tutorial
08:32 Import Notes from older Note phones
10:50 Editing Notes
12:35 Record Sketch:
12:20 S Note Extension Pack
15:18 Note Search OCR
15:55 Photoshop in S Note like a Pro!
20:17 Widgets
21:22 Final Conclusion

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  1. Brett I can't believe how amazing this one Video was to me.I can't Thank you enough and how important this tutorial was to me .I am truly amazed.Can not believe I received all my Notes back.Thanks so much for sharing totally amazing and someone else showed me this and your Video let me get back all my Notes.Thanks so much for sharing Deb ✌?

  2. Very useful video, watched it before buying the phone and had forgotten parts and rewatced it. The inability of the new notes to add various pen types did it for me went back to the old one, though like the scrolling of new one vs the pages of old one. Also you forgot to mention, old one offers attaching pics from clipboard, new one doesn't. Also had to download extra scrapbook app, had many scrapbook tidbita saved, how do I get them to notes without diligently copying and pasting them individually. Reply appreciated, Hello from Nepal.

  3. Brett I can't Thank You Enough for your Tutorials. I downloaded the Manual for this phone but there's nothing like seeing it on hand and getting more details and what they don't mention in the Manual. Yes I have Subcribed to your YouTube Page and save your videos to Samsung Note but now thankfully they have the S Note which I will download as that's always been my preferred one. I will be looking through your Tutorials to see if there is anything I missed. You're Fantastic and look forward to seeing your upcoming videos ??????

  4. I def miss S notes, the ability to edit images was huge for me. If I could make S note the default so that off-screen memo (s note) works then I would go back to the Note Series.

  5. one thing I hope that the s note has is the option for us to choose whether we want to add pages to the note or to just have unlimited scrolling (like the one on Samsung note) if they offer that, I'd definitely be using the s note more often! great video, very informative!

  6. THANK YOU for this comparison!! I just purchased the Galaxy Note 8 and was a bit confused about Samsung Notes. When I transferred all of my data from my Note 4 to the new Note 8, S Note was replaced by Samsung Note — and all of my S Note files had automatically been transferred over. However, I was unhappy with the way the Samsung Note displayed all of my Files — and also didn't like the lines/grids on the screen. So I went online to find out how to make Samsung Note more like the S Note on my Note 4, and that's when I found your video — and learned that S Note was still available and had to be downloaded. This is a huge relief!!! And I agree with you 100% — S Note is a far better app for my regular meeting notes, and Samsung Note will likely be limited to my off-screen, instant memos when the pen is removed. (By the way, that IS a cool feature — if we could change the settings so that the off-screen notes were saved in S Note THAT would be very cool!!!) Thank you, again!!! Your video was a huge help!!

  7. Excellent tutorial. I do recall on my Note 4 I could make video (insert video) S Notes. I would record short lectures and add my own notes. Cant find it on Note 8 w/ Samsung Notes/ S Note?

  8. Thank you for your video. Samsung Notes isn’t bad, but I would have to say Snote is the Best app. However, I am referring to an older version that includes Action Memo. Like others, I’m still hoping Samsung listens to their customers, like they did in bringing back the SD card, and brings the original Snote App back with Action Memo. I already know you can still download it, but it’s still missing things like Photo Note, Easy Charts, and other things. I guess it’s still better than nothing. While Samsung Notes is OK, I still just don’t understand how Samsung thinks it’s better than the original Snote. Action Memo is so unique and really a difference maker compared to anything other Android phones or Apple has. I urge them to rethink this and please bring it back officially. I think it would be a huge competitive advantage, especially if they advertise it like crazy (even just half as much as they are advertising Live Messages). I know most companies, especially tech, are looking for that competitive advantage, and Samsung you have two in your Note series. You just need to show them off. In case you’re unaware of the two, it’s the Spen and the original Snote with Action Memo. Unless you have used the Note series, most people including me before I tried the Note 2, have no idea what the Spen is. They think it’s just a stylus to draw and write with. I’m not trying to say it’s not, but it’s so much more. Yet, you don’t do anything to educate the consumer. Instead you advertise “Live Messages” like on every other commercial. While it’s a cool feature, it’s FAR from really showcasing what you have. You want to sell these phones for these high MSRPs (still don’t know who’s actually paying full price), you might have the only product that may actually warrant it. Yet you need to show it off. Every person, including Apple fans, except one that I’ve shown my Note phones bought them and they love them. Every response including the one iPhone fan that didn’t buy it all were exactly the same. “They had absolutely no idea that the Spen can do that”, even that one person that didn’t, who by the way is still considering it. So I would bring back the original Snote with Action Memo and all of its extensions. If you want alternate commercials with live messages (if you must). I feel you would surprise a lot of people and increase your sales tremendously. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of your current Note owners aren’t fully aware of the capabilities that their phone does. I know when I got my first Note I was discovering new things constantly. I’m not saying there won’t be some iPhone fans who just want to stay in the IOS system. However, I think you’ll convert a lot of other Android users. If you want to start making up for the poor way you handled the Note 7 fiasco, bringing the original Snote with Action Memo back officially would be a huge leap in my books! Maybe the more people who post in different places they want this back, they’ll consider it. I would say maybe it’s just me, but yet I see it all over the place. I’ve actually also witnessed a couple of people who are not interested in buying the Note 8 because the original Snote with Action Memo isn’t available. What made them bring back the SD card? We should follow the exact same steps to see if we can get them to do it with this app as well. It’s even easier this time because it’s just software. I need to plaster this everywhere and like I said earlier maybe if we all do it, they’ll give it back.

  9. Excellent video Brett.. Very informative! I was thinking of buying a Note 8. However, I mainly use Evernote. Does the S pen work with Evernote? Alternatively, can I export S notes to Evernote??

  10. Hi ?
    I loved the note 8 but I have some questions about Samsung notes and the S pen
    Since I’m engineer student
    I relay need to take notes every time
    I mean a lot notes big notes drowning and designing electrical circuits
    However I wonder how is the accuracy of the S pen when it comes with writing some large notes and what the smallest possible size of the font I can write?!?
    If u make a video for this questions I will be very thankful ❤️

  11. Very helpful. I mainly watched to see how much of these notes I could use to create simple memes by merging images and writing a Bible verse on them. I learned something. Thank you sir and God bless. Subscribed to your channel.

  12. Just a question "I do not have the voice or graphic tool in my app do you know if it is carrier dependent or not?"

    Good job on the videos keep it up

  13. I live in Saint-Petersburg, studied at the University and all the important lectures and notes were recorded in a thick book which was placed in a jacket pocket. Then this book I have called the NOTEBOOK of the ENGINEER. When I bought a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4, I have a habit of writing notes, but the notes I started to write in S NOTE application. When I travel to a new country every day I try to write a note and paste a photo but it is a pity that the video does not insert in any way. I liked your video.

  14. Waiting for my phone so I'll come back to this informative video. In the meantime I'll comment on the excellent audio! Your presentation along with that quality audio kept me interested and a new subscriber

  15. Hi I’m new to Samsung/ Android as I’ve had iPhones for some years I opened Samsung notes but I don’t have the voice option on the task bar at the top any help would be great

  16. I hope you can help me out. I recently switched from an iPhone 7+. One of things I loved was the ability for my notes to be shared access all of my Apple devices. Are either one of these apps capable of doing that?