Samsung One Ui (Android) vs iOS 14 (iPhone) – Which One Is Better?

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iOS 14 is out and it comes with some brand new features including widgets and some other home screen features. In this video, we will compare iOS 14 to Samsung One UI to see which system is better.

Obviously Samsung One Ui is android based, so this comparison also means we are comparing Android to iOS, however, Samsung One Ui has enormous features that does set it apart from just a stock Android experience.

We are testing using Samsung One Ui 2.1 and iOS 14 Beta 1.

So let’s dive in.

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    I USE SAMSUNG MOBILES…I FOUND 1UI IS great ONLY FOR(FLAGSHIP) not well optimized for mid range or low…it some time lags..glitches in lower device

  2. Honestly, I dont understand why everyone is criticizing both phones, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. As an s10 user, I have hardly any experience with lag or bad animations.

  3. One ui is the best, i use it with home up to hide the icon label, hide bixby, just use front screen, and use kwgt. Its so simple and easy to use, the widget that i make maybe looks like iphone but more simple, precision, easy to looks, and more efficient.

  4. 5:23 that’s wrong you can do this also with the iPhone! Long press on a Icon than hold the Icon and select other apps
    10:04 that’s also wrong you can choose other live wallpapers on the iPhone while you choose a Live Photo as wallpaper. And it gives much good wallpaper apps on the iPhone for that.

  5. I had both. Android always wins in customization but apple always wins in usability. I prefer an easy, straightforward, fast and consistent phone so iphone it is for me now until android gets it done. Pixel is the closest to getting there.

  6. Smart launcher did the category thing first. I've been using smart launcher since forever because of that. And there search function is similar to "Everything" in window…

  7. On iOS you can hold one icon to move, and then while holding the first icon tap on the other icons and move them and dump them to the screen you want

  8. Ok the part where you said you can’t grab multiple apps on iOS 14 is funny! You have been able to since iOS 12! Not trying to be rude but AGH! Wrong! You just click a app and hold it and then tap any other app

  9. I prefer iMessage than any customization. I’ll be using that more often than any widgets. SMS is just stupid. Can’t send high resolution videos, long ass messages without diving them and you can’t tell if they even received the message. “BuT wHaT AboUt sOCial MedIA Apps?” Shut up! That’s the only reason why I have to have all other media for my Android friends. iMessage just works and even better. It’s magical. I don’t know about you but if you text a lot and most of your friends have iPhones, just do yourself a favor… get a iPhone. They will love you more lol

    Did I mention you can play games too? Dang they’re so much to do on iMessage. Send message with fireworks 🎇 and you can feel the rumble of each separate firework on your hands. Use gif as stickers. Like, laugh or question on a specific message. Add someone else on your group message or take out; or call them all at the same time/FaceTime up to 32ppl. iMessage all the way ✊🏽

  10. You can 100 % use more than those 4 live wallpapers on iphone you can use any of image as a live wallpaper although live wallpapers are garbage on iphone

  11. Yeah but one thing you're not taking into consideration about Android owners most people always use a launcher I never use any stock launcher that comes with a phone I always end up using Nova Launcher or something I always change my icon packs to make it completely my own and most people with Android do the same

  12. people are always saying ios is for clean and simple when to me its kinda the opposite? i feel like theres more steps to have to go through, and more shit goin on. at least ui wise home screen and notifications are all individual and its messy and crowded, plus the homescreen has so much shit all cluttered there in your face. with android you can make little to no apps and whatnot along with notifications being organized and more compact. tbh tho

  13. People are delusional saying "android becomes laggy after a little time, and ios is smooth for years" are prob comparing a 1500 iPhone flagship with a 150 motorola phone lmao.
    I've been using The Xiaomi Mi 9t ( wich is not even a flagship or a high range phone lmao) since october 2019 and it had NEVER lagged period, its been always smooth since i bought it, stop giving false arguments and compare things in a just way