Samsung One UI running on Galaxy S9 Plus w/ Android Pie 9.0

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is now capable of running the Samsung One Ui and Android Pie 9.0 thanks to the new beta program.

Samsung has made the One UI beta program available to those want to test it via the Samsung+ app in US. This One UI Android Pie beta is currently only available for the S9 and S9 Plus in US.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. Do you know if I can hide the navagitation bar when I'm using a app because the bar takes up space on the screen and I want to be able to pull it up like one android 8.0

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  3. Anyone else update to the beta 9.0 and have the "recent apps"/multitasking view VERTICAL instead of horizontal? Mine is not horizontal, like in the vid, and the "close all" is on the top right but only appears after scrolling up through all open apps. Furthermore, the "settings" button on top of apps in recent view is not there.

  4. Please I'm having Samsung Galaxy s9+ Verizon unlocked sm-g965u and I'm not getting any beta registration in either Samsung+ or Samsung member app! Is there any files I can side load manually my base version is :
    Kernel version

  5. Nice review, and great UI…
    but it bothers me when anyone reviews new UI or skin and not showing the basic apps we daily use, like dialer, SMS, contacts …etc. we see them almost everyday, and urge to see if any new updates they may have