Samsung PowerBot vs Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

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Comparing the features of the Xiaomi robot vacuum and Samsung PowerBot R9040.

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When I first saw the PowerBot I though it could challenge the Roomba or Neato in terms of navigation since it had an on board camera that it relied on to move around.

But as I tested this vacuum, I found out that it was more Roomba 800 than 900.

Yes, it did not go in a random direction and it had a predictable cleaning pattern but it went along it’s cleaning cycle like the Roomba 860 – until the battery runs low then it goes back to the charging station.

While it is a very good product, I feel that the price point is a little bit too steep.

For around more than $100 less you have access to more advanced features with the Xiaomi robot vacuum. It has the same S.L.A.M. based navigation found in the Neato BotVac Connected and Roomba 980.

Based on this test I did, it is far more efficient and even with the narrower beater bar, it’ll perform better.

Special thanks to my brother Geoffred for lending me the Samsung PowerBot he bought in Amazon.


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  1. so funny that a huge company like samsung cant programm their robot good enough to have a system. Xiaomi will be market leader soon as they also grown very fast

  2. Hi! Does the Xiaomi support room to room cleaning? Can it navigate from the one room to the others and then back to its charging board? I currently have the Miele scout, and it does an amazing work in navigating all around the house. However, I am thinking of buying the Xiaomi cause the cleaning results of the Miele are not the best.

  3. For me it would be more useful to see a cleaning test in a real situation rather than a bare empty room. Does it fall down steps, get stuck under the living room chair, the edge of the cabinets, or get caught on curtains or rugs?

  4. Because of your Video I bought a Xiaomi… It's better than I thought. I have a large main floor 1500sqft with lots of Rooms and obstacles and it cleans fast and efficiently. It never gets stuck and always finds it's way back to the dock under a cabinet. Note: it's not good on thick carpet at all, but I didn't buy it for that. Thank you!