Samsung Q950T Soundbar System Unboxed and Explained

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In this video I unbox Samsung’s HW-Q950T soundbar system providing details on accessories and hardware. My next video will be a full in depth review but maybe this might tie you over if you are waiting for your own unit.


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  1. Hi. I have been watching your videos on youTube and have to say i really enjoy them. I have one question which I am really hoping you can answer. If I bought the Samsung HW-Q900T and then got the rear speakers from the HW-Q950T would it work? I have a feeling that the models are identical and the only difference is the Q950T has rear speakers. 

    I have seen you can purchase the Wireless Rear Speaker Kit SWA-9000S but it comes with that small box to help them connect whereas the Q950T rear speakers work as only the two speakers required.

    If you could help me with these questions that would be great

  2. Great video, thx. Just a question about the surrounds. Can we use the 2 mural supports for the surrounds? or these supports are only for the soundbar? Thx

  3. I've been testing the soundbar for a while now and I'm really disappointed.

    Dolby Atmos doesn't really come across, and my ceiling is not very high, the bass is okay but the language is okay, the Souround mod is okay, but you have very few setting options without an app. The dispay is above the soundbar so that you can constantly has to leave his place to see what the settings are. all in all too little for a Samung flagship. I have a Samsung HW 450 which is three years old and cost € 250 and is hardly worse than the 5 times as expensive. all in all, that part went down.

  4. OK, I agree with you that the tiny display and its location suck. On the rest of the bit about esthetics, not so much. I want my sound system to be as unobtrusive as possible and that seems to be the vibe here. And do I care that if I drum my finger on the sides and get that sound? Not in the slightest. Who cares unless it relates in some objective way to performance. Stay tuned on that.

  5. I hate that Samsung moved the display, to the top, I can’t see what mode the sound bar is in, when I turn it on, and it wants to always go to another input, besides the one I am trying to use.

  6. I would like to know its DTS, DTS HDMA and DTS-X soundtrack performance. My local buyers complained that its DTS series soundtrack performance is very underwhelming compared to its Dolby series soundtrack performance with the same volume configuration.

  7. I’m pretty sure this will be just as good as the Q90R soundbar from last year that got a lot of really good praise. I appreciate the actual upfiring speakers a lot compared to other companies that try and make a “digital” Dolby atmos effect on a 3.1 soundbar that charges just as much.

  8. Ughhh, recently bought one of these, had it a week and returned it. Cheaply made is an understatement… had all sorts of issues with the wireless surrounds, audio dropping out every few seconds, especially when watching streaming content (No idea what difference that makes). Called samsung support, downloaded an update, didn't fix the issue.
    Don't waste the money, I wonder if samsung actually set these up and test them in a real world environment before releasing them. Apparently not…

  9. If possible, can you please do a review on Klipsch cinema 1200 soundbar system. I heard its a beast in terms of specs. Just would like to know how it sounds before purchasing. Really appreciate your reviews

  10. Oh it would be so cool if y’all could hoist me to that 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ sub count while I finish up the Q950T review. Really appreciate the support so far 🙏🤟🙌!

    (Well, that didn’t take long. Thanks!)

  11. I just bought and received a Q90R for roughly 850 but the rear speakers are dissapointing to say the least and you can definitely notice a gap in sound when it goes from the side speakers of the soundbar to the rear speakers (when they work). HIGHLY considering getting the Q950T to try fill in the gap and get a better rear speaker experience. Current price of q950t is 1150 so it would be "only" a 300~ difference. What would your input be? 🙂

  12. I've had mine since last Thursday. I had a major problem with the sub disconnecting, but once I moved it, no problems afterwards. This system is incredible! The sonos Arc can't even come close to the clarity at high volumes. If the Q90 is as good, maybe the q950t is not $800/$900 upgrade. The q90 has had a very bad reputation and now it's seems like it's the crowd favorite. Good luck, but I don't think anyone would be disappointed!

  13. Got one of these to replace my Q90r, but probably going to return it. Sound quality is pretty much the same and I haven’t noticed that much of a difference when it comes to atmos sound bubble. Also, I feel like side speakers on Q90r sound a bit better.

  14. I have my soundbar setup now and frankly, at this price, I am a little disappointed. Waiting for your next video. Annoying as hell LED display, muffled dialog, terrible user guide (what the hell is "Virtual" setting?) – I am missing my Nakamichi already 🙁


    Is better than this.

  16. Two things I would love to see detailed in your review is the angles of the wide angle speakers. Also your thoughts on if you have an opening to the kitchen to the right of the tv, so anything facing directly to the side would shoot out to the kitchen instead of reflecting. This still worth it? I think the q90r would still be fine depending on the angle of the wide angle speakers.

  17. I wonder if they got complaints about the front light during movies so they movied it ontop. Looking forward to the in-depth review.