Samsung S10 Plus – Worth it in 2020? (Real World Review)

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Should you buy the Samsung S10 Plus in 2020? Today I will answer that question and tell you about my experience with the phone. I actually liked this phone, but does that mean you will?

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  1. I think s10+ is a good phone for three years before you upgrade. I have mine for over a year. And it still gives me what I want from a smartphone eventhough samsung release note20ultra. For me its not worth to upgrade now.

  2. I carried an s6 for years and have no issue but have to upgrade for work in 2020. If not for that I'll stick with s6. There shouldn't be an issue with s10 in 2020

  3. FFS, the Galaxy S10 variants are still practically new!

    And (depending on screen/battery condition) even the now starting to age Galaxy S7/8 variants are still 80% to 90% good in virtually all features and functions for the average user in comparison to the more current S10/20 devices!

    I'm digging my S10 and my old S7 will make a great second hand phone for my mum.

  4. I can see why you only have 8K viewers. Calling this a basic phone just shows why you don't have more subscribers and why I won't be adding to your list.

  5. The s10 is so worth it I have both an iphone xr and s10 plus in prism white and I use my s10 more. Granted my xr is half broken 💔 😢 I love the features on my s10. I love the customization options especially the theme store and how you can download music for free on youre phone without needing a subscription. I adore how when its holiday I can switch the theme of my phone at anytime to match it. I love how easy it is to set up a new ringtone without struggling through iTunes. I also love the split screen option and video minimization multitasking option. The one thing I can say about my xr is that it had a better battery life. I do plan on getting an iPhone 12 when it comes out or get the iphone 11 for cheap. However, I will keep my s10 for a long time as a backup phone. The s20 looks gorgeous especially in the cloud pink but the no headphone jack was a deal breaker for me. It will be the same with the note 20 to tell you the truth. I have airpods and the battery doesn't last as long as I would like. Thats also my worry with the samsung buds plus but I may still get it so I could have both headphones 🎧 with my devices.

  6. The review was made by apple fans boy, so what u can expect from Apple fans boy instead of naysay word against samsung. Dont waste your time on his video. Im also ip 11 user and samsung s10+ user and both of them work very well.

  7. Watching this on my S10 plus. Really love the phone! Before this i had the S7 edge witch was also great but offcourse the S10 plus is superior to that.

  8. I got my s10 + 2019 . I think its best phone ever , i upgrade from iphone x , the battery 4100 its very cool 😎 i am not sure i need to upgrade to s20 .let us c wht will c in 2021 .

  9. If you can purchase for 500.00 bucks it's a no-brainer. It's just as good as any of the S20's outside of the 120hz display, 12gigs of ram, but 8gigs not much different, hardly noticeably. A little better 📷's. For the 💰 500 bucks ain't too shabby!

  10. I can't believe ppl care bout the head phone Jack! Wireless earbuds work perfect n no annoying cord to deal with.

    Think I'm going from S8+ to S10+
    No 5G here yet