Samsung S8 & S8+: How to connect it via TV or Monitor

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TRENDnet USB-C to HDMI with Power Delivery and USB 3.0 Port, 4K UHD Resolution, Flexible Connector, Easy Set-Up, Compact Design, TUC-HDMI3

The s5 had the ability to connect to hdmi via an MHL cable. That was lost with the s6, s7 and now it’s back with the s8.

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Mirror your laptop’s HD display to any HDMI monitor or TV
Supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD at 30 Hz
Flawless video with high speed USB-C to HDMI connection
Supports Chrome™, Windows® 10 and Mac® operating systems
USB-C Power Delivery Compliant, USB 3.0 Port to connect a USB device

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  1. i use the "screanbeam mini 2" it plugs into hdmi on my non smart tv and i stream everything hulu, hbo, games wirelessly

  2. thanks for the video,how did the otg function and charging go,were you able to mirror display,get power and plug in say an airmouse and everything worked well?

  3. Hello, nice video. I have a usb type c monitor. Do you know if I´ll be able to connect the S8 to the monitor and use this adaptor to power the s8 at the same time? Currently, the monitor is sucking all power from the s8. Thanks!!

  4. Hi, with that cable you have noticed some delay on image? If i want to play some games it will run without any delay on the controls?

  5. Your video only showed connection to TV thru HDMI. How about connecting all ports at the same time, e.g., playing video files from a flash drive connected to the USB 3, and displaying to TV thru HDMI, while powered thru USB C. Does it work?

  6. Does this device by any chance give you the capability to connect to HDMI monitor AND connect to PC to transfer files?? If it does this adapter does it would be amazing!!!

  7. So you don't have to enable anything on the phone when you connect it to the TV? I got my adapter from chinese web store, but even though my TV senses that I have connected something to it, it just says that there's no picture coming from the device.

  8. What about using the usb adapter that came with the phone. Can you use a usb to rca cable to connect to video in on older tv? I am trying to stream to my dvd car stereo with rca a/v. No hdmi on head unit.

  9. Don't listen to this guy. I bout this product to use it with my Galaxy S8 to my Samsung TV .It did not work, kept flickering saying it's not compatible. The connections are pretty bad too, every time it feels like you're gonna break something.I used to have a Samsung brand with my Galaxy S4 and that worked perfectly. This thing is a piece of crap.

  10. It does mirror your phone but even though it has a charging port it doesnt charge. I have a S8+ and it wont charge while its mirroring.

  11. If you have a LG with screen share, you don't even need an adapter. Drag your menu down from the top, swipe over, and select smart view. Your phone should connect up to your tv in seconds.

  12. Next time you should go into the latency of the device. Example: how long it take the tv to show what the phone is doing. For the people who use emulators on their phones would love to know what kind of input lag they are going to be dealing with.