Samsung S9 Plus vs S7 edge 4K

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In this video we compare the Samsung S7edge vs Samsung S9 Plus. A few things to consider before upgrading from the S7 Edge to the S9 / S9+ Plus. And a couple recommendations for S9 Plus accessories on Amazon:

If you are in the USA, I would only get the USA carrier Unlocked Version of the Samsung S9 Plus:

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S9 Plus Case :

USB C Adapter to Micro USB [3 Pack]:

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  1. Good video. I have both, and in all honesty, it is NOT worth upgrading. NOT for $850. If you have the S7/S7 Edge, wait for the S10. Unless I'm comparing them side by side, I don't notice a difference. Not in the camera. Low light every so slightly better on the S9+ but that's expected. Not groundbreaking. Performances in and out of apps and throughout the phone is about the same. Again, only noticeable if I'm comparing them side by side doing speed tests but that's not something one does all the time!

  2. Whats up dude. I think that you and I have the same taste in phones. I have gotten every phone you have. From the Droid Incredible to s9+. I still haven't gotten it but I will very soon(s9+) I still have all my older phones too like the Incredible and Note4. Samsung is the best in the phone business. Love the vids keep them coming man. Keep up the good work. God bless.