Samsung SLAMS the iPhone X! Apple Exposed!? Growing Up Commercial Review

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Apple vs Samsung. iPhone X vs Galaxy S8. A tale as old as time. Fans rally around them with even more passion than Chevy vs Ford.


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  1. Samsung has extra features but iPhone was the first touch screen phone and it’s a lot more powerful and dose not crash as often with Samsung they can be used to hack and can be hacked very easily and the new iPhones like iPhone X 8 and 6 are waterproof so that was untrue and iPhone X has wireless charging so. OST of the things they said made them do much better really didn’t

  2. The point of the whole wires thing was choice. You could wireless charge or use wireless headphones with the Samsung but you had way less options with apple phones.

  3. 3:21 but Samsung also allows you to charge your phone the traditional way, they didn't take options away from you. Apple has always allowed for very little consumer freedom

  4. The reason they showed the dongles is because with the iPhone since they removed the headphone jack you can't charge your phone and plug in headphones.

  5. I’d really enjoyed this video , I have an iPhone 7+ right now , and since I watched this video, i feel that my phone feels from the past and i need the best of the best , and that is the Galaxy s8

  6. I'm personally a big fan of the headphone jack. I use it in my cars and my home stereo even though they're all bluetooth capable. Why? Sound quality is better than a wireless signal ever will be, especially in reproducing the lower frequency range. I DO have multiple sets of Bluetooth headphones. Only use I have for headphones is at the gym where my first thought Isn't to care about perfect sound quality.