Samsung Super OLED Ultimate TV CES 2012

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Presenting Samsung’s newest innovation – the Super OLED TV. One of the most exciting products at CES 2012 – This TV has incredible contrast and color depth. Here are some more details –

Super OLED technology eliminates the need for a color filter as the OLED pixel unit comprises self-emitting RGB sub-pixels laid directly on the display panel, each emitting its own light. The technology is also able to differentiate varying degrees of blacks and shadows, so that users can enjoy unparalleled detail even in the darkest of scenes for the ultimate TV experience.


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  1. So why Panasonic Plasma VT 50 get 10 in performance and Bravia HX850 and HX950 get 8 in performance in CNET review ???

    Whether there Shamesung Plasma that get 10 in performance or Shamesung LED that get 8 or beyond in CNET review ???

    Shamesung is shit about picture quality.
    Don't show off your retarded please.

  2. As someone with a 120Hz monitor (Samsung 2233rz), I can tell you that you're either full of shit that the max FPS "is 60, anything more than that wont make a difference" or you're quite literally mentally disabled. I can easily see a difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS.

  3. You don't see any difference between 60 and 120 FPS because you're stuck on 60-75Hz.

    You're wrong on why they're switching from 24 to 48 FPS as well. They're switching so that fast action scenes are not a big blur from longer exposure time of 24 FPS and to make 3D viewing a more pleasurable experience and not so straining on the eyes.

    You're wrong about everything.

  4. Movies (NTSC) are 24 FPS exactly. Some recent movies are being filmed at 48 FPS (see The Hobbit). TV is 29.97 FPS. You spout this nonsense with as much conviction and as little knowledge as you do about CLED.

    That being said, there's a significant difference between 20 and 60 FPS and just about as significant a difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS. I know this first hand because I play games using a true 120Hz monitor.

  5. You are a complete moron if you honestly think that the max FPS difference a person can see if 60 FPS…

    And, yes, all first adopters pay through the nose. Don't you remember when you could easily pay well in excess of $5,000 for an LCD?

    CLED isn't even close to production yet, so you can't speak for its cost.

    Just go away, idiot. Please.

  6. You asked for proof, I gave you proof; now you're nitpicking. You're one of *those* people who won't be satisfied with any outcome other than what meets their expectations. OLED, as has been attested by many, many people, have an outstanding contrast ratio. 600Hz is an arbitrary number. There has been zero studies regarding the maximum difference in FPS that a person can detect.

  7. Crystal LED displays have 3.5 times higher picture contrast. That's 3,500,000:1 CR (OLED is 100,000,000:1). They claim 10 times faster response time compared to Sony's current LCD models (2.4KHz whereas OLED is 100KHz). In January, Engadget stated, "it was only displaying still images at a frustratingly slow refresh rate." (Sources: Engadget, PCWorld, Wiki).

  8. Yeah, no it isn't. Not only is OLED technology MUCH more mature, but it's better in all aspects to even the theoretical claims of Crystal LED.

  9. samsung is the best tv brand to get don't get sony or panasonic like those brands are good but there not that advanced with picture quality and resolution samsung is the best picture quietly and resolution

  10. Is it 4K or better yet, 8K res? It can't be the "Ultimate TV" otherwise.

    I've no doubt it does look great, but give me a Super OLED that's 8K, and then we can talk about a truly Ultimate TV.

  11. it is a shame that these will not be mountable, but they will be great quality so I don't care. All the ports and processing will be all located in the base/stand of the OLED tvs making it impossible for it to mounted.