Samsung Tizen 3.0 – Hands-on review with tips

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Samsung 2017 TVs come with Tizen 3.0 Smart TV platform. In this video, you can see how the platform works, how fast it is and which features are available.

I am also revealing a few tips like how to add apps to the home menu, how to quickly adjust picture backlight without entering the settings menu or how to disable home menu to appear every time you turn on the TV.

Demoed on Samsung 40MU6402, but you can expect similar performance on other Samsung 2017 TVs, including “QLED” models.

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  1. Will wait for MU6 review, hope there is some motion improvements compared to KU6 series. On KU6 series there were no blur in fast scenes, only picture doubling.
    (Now I'm looking for entry projectors, because they provide Okay motion handling with similar price.)

  2. Pozdrav Darko, interesuje me tvoje mišljenje i predlog: Sony 43x8309C (2015), Samsung 43KU6400 (2016) ili 43MU6400 (2017),
    samo filmovi, serije, tu i tamo sport na tv itd… igrice ne igram. Lg sam izbacio iz priče zbog RGWB konfiguracije panela, nešto mi tu ne pije vodu… Pozdrav još jednom, svaki tvoj video je EKSTRA!

  3. Nice video, I agree with your review.
    I have this exact model and I had a firmware update just today by the way. Don't know what's new.

  4. Tvoj izbor izmedju ova četiri modela: Sony 43x8309C (2015), Samsung 43KU6400 (2016), 43MU6400 (2017) i Philips 43PUS6501/12 (ev. neki model van ovih) bez obzira na cenu, pozdrav!

  5. I have Samsung TV from 2016 with Tizen 2.0. But every time i open a app it's not responding so i shall force close the app and open it again so it will loading the app and first after that is working

  6. may i know is this tizen 3.0 support multitasking? like playing game while opening spotify(in apps store) for music at the same time .. i had 2016 tizen which only works in either only

  7. great review. as an android tv user i have a question; are there any apps in tizen to use ase a media library as we use KODI in android? ( checking hdd, listing movies and searching movie info from internet, also able to automatically download necessary subtitles) im about to change my tv and i wonder if samsung also has such an app.

  8. Everytime I go on guide to change channel then I change.. that stupid smart bar comes up and I have to confirm I'm watching live TV, YES.. how to stop this?!

  9. I got a question. I dont want to upgrade my internet speed to watch Netflix in 4k. Is there any way to do like smartphones and download the movies? Of course, in the case of the TV, using an External HD. Is that possible? Thanks!

  10. Darko, When playing video content from USB, how smooth is the seeking (FF & RW)? Is there some kind of a "jump back 10 seconds" feature when pressing the left button (my old 2012 Samsung TV has that)? Thanks! (pre-buying process for a LG or a Samsung 4K TV)