Samsung TV Problem Turning On – How to Repair Fix

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Samsung LCD TV’s have problems turning on. Well known problem due to bad capacitors on the power supply. Class Action Lawsuit should be filed. I am in Canada and looking for people to join me. Samsung is not accepting responsibility and my $1500 TV is just older than the warranty period. I had to fix it myself but I bought 2 other Samsung TV’s and Blu-Rays at the same time and now I’m praying they aren’t affected. I will never buy Samsung again.

UPDATE: Captions added! (for people who can’t understand RoboGirl voice)
More Juicy Details:

1. TV bought February 2008, but was manufactured in 2007 !! Samsung says they count warranty from 2 years from date of manufacture, NOT when sold to user! What B.S. is this ?

2. Timeline: Bought Feb. 2008, started slowing power-up during winter 2010-11 (about 2.5 years after bought). Couldn’t take it anymore, replaced caps in April 2011. TV still working fine as of April 2015 (5 years later).

TV now running longer on replaced CAPS than the ones originally from Samsung!


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  1. I found cheap capacitors on, the vendor name is Procapacitor.
    He was very professionnal and honnest, he also manufactures custom kits.

  2. thanks for the video. just got off phone with Samsung…they would do nothing to help< except to say the class action lawsuit was settled before I even bought my 60" Smart TV…nice way to run a business. has customer service totally died? Where is the pride in putting out a quality product so customers will be repeat customers. I will not be and it is Samsung's fault. PATHETIC.

  3. After several years of great performance our Samsung Plasma is having the same problem. Glad I found this tutorial, hope that the same rules apply. Will give this fix a try.

  4. My four year old Samsung LCD 40 inch (LA40C550) frequent power off problem and Samsung technician estimated INR 10,000/- and minimum of one week for service. After viewing so many videos i decided to change the capacitors. It cost only INR 80/- Thanks for the video

  5. Today my trusty Samsung Plasma which we have for years didn't turn on. So I opened it, checked the board and low-and-behold JUST BY LOOKING at caps I could see one cap bulging and another one bulging and leaking. Same problem I one had with a PC power supply some time ago. Then I did some Google searching..and your video and others confirm it's bad caps, some video had actually the exact same two bad caps. On one hand I am pissed that the set stopped working, on the other hand I am glad since I know I can fix it with $1 myself, like I did with my PSU. And by the way, Samsung monitors have the same problem with bad caps. What triggers it is I think simply age and quality of components, but we here in Spain also have power outages often which certainly has a part in it. (When power goes off for a second and then comes on again…I already had main boards fried because of it…)

  6. I have no soldering experience, nor do I have a soldering iron. Any recommendations as to where to get one as well as specs? I do have experience with circuit boards, so I'm certainly capable of doing this by myself – just need advice on components.

  7. I bought Samsung LCD 3D TV un55 f7100afxza 2/15/2014 and it went out 12/31/2015 . No power, no red indicator .. So pretty sure I'm on the right trail here. Of course Samsung no help as warranty is over at one year and this almost made it to 2. They tried to tell me that it was as of build date also. What???? No not if you have your receipt. But it's only one year not 2. Well this will be a project so wish me luck! If this 55 year old grandma can do it anyone can! And Samsung BITE ME! I'm all done with you!

  8. I have a quick question.  The old capacitors in my Samsung show a minus sign whereas the new ones show an 0.  Is the minus sign equal to neg and the 0 equal to pos or also neg.

  9. Great vid! My samsung lcd tv started having slow power ups a few weeks ago. It was bought in 2009. Local repair shop insists that i need to change the whole power board! After watching your video i'm having second thoughts on letting them repair the tv. And again great vid!

  10. help me please, I was messing in the Service Menu and now my samsung tv UE24h4003 only turns on and off over and over again. And the service menu can not be entered.

  11. I have PN60E53A3FXZA SAMSUNG plasma TV. standby light flashes 5 times.
    no voltage on VS and VA on power supply . LOGIC board led flashes, caps
    diodes mosfets all look good on all boards could use a schematic,wire
    diagram and or a service manual.Daughter just got married .received this
    TV from a friend for free, Ive worked on older TVs, .I'M an American
    Airlines avionics tech . I'd appreciate your help, Thanks, Dano

  12. My Samsung will not turn on, The standby red light comes on but fades out can anyone help me as to what causes this fault, Thanks. Nigel B

  13. Hi ! I have Samsung 40eh5000 led. Its staying standby mode and not getting on. I have opened and checked that there no any capacitors have burn. What should I do now ? Thanks

  14. I viewed this video and was able to repair my tv to working order in a very short time, less then 2 hrs. and that was going to get the capacitor that I needed. The best part is it only cost me less then $10.00 to fix the problem. Thank You for this video it was a great money saver

  15. i have this problem but i cannot fix it myself. i dont have a Soldering tool nor do i know how to use. is there a place/ anyone know of a place that would do the repair without it being $500?

  16. Great video explaining the the problem and the fix. It's a shame a couple of pounds extra with better components at first were not used. Just goes to show how much these companies are trying to save (even when purchasing components in bulk).

  17. Ever hear of one of these capacitors healing themselves? I noticed one bulging in my Sammy Tv (a year ago) and I've been meaning to replace it. Opened the TV up today (was about to take the board out to take it to radio shack) and the bulge was gone. I even scratched/marked the capacitor a year ago so I wouldnt forget. Plugged TV in for the heck of it, it now works. Think it'll last? Strange.

  18. changed the capacitors in my samsung tv LE40M8780, though they looked ok, still got the same prob of tv turning on and off repeatedly. Any idea"s anyone?

  19. It's shameful that a company like Samsung would use such junk caps in their product. Sure it'll last till it's out of warranty but how many repeat customers did they lose in exchange for making a couple more bucks on each unit populated with garbage electrolytics.

  20. Thanks for the video. I have a degree in electronics repair so this is what I will be doing. However, I'm there are many people out there that will just by another TV. I'm sure this was done on purpose. If you didn't understand the need to regulate these companies before, you should now. I had a great paying job back in 2008 when I bought my TV. I paid over 2 grand for my 52 inch Samsung LED. It was supposedly the best you could get at the time. I expect more If I buy the best.
    Now I won't be buying another Samsung again. It never fails to amaze me how companies think they can get away with this. You can get a way for it for a while, but eventually the bill comes due.