Samsung VS Iphone Which Is Better?!

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The never ending fight between apple and samsung which of the two has a better phone? Is IOS better or Andriod we asked people in public!

So Samsung VS Iphone:
It feels like Apple is taking over the world with IOS, but there are still a lot of android users. So we though as so many people want to know which one is actually better or more used lets just ask people in public and see what they think of the smartphones.

We came to the conclusion that most people who don’t buy the Iphone do that because of the price. So the broke people buy android and the rich people Iphone…. Just kidding but the price was the problem. Also an Android is more customizable in comparison to the Iphone. So for people who want a more personalized Smartphone the Android devices are a better choice.

Also it’s good to know that it was a sunny day and we really wanted to have some music with us. That explains the gaint boombox we carried around :P!

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  1. People were going off on why they believe one phone is better than the other LOL I love it! Nice vid. The random barking dog was funny too while the dude on the bench was breaking it down for Kevin lol