Samsung’s Built-In Screen Recorder Trick & Hidden Info

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I was able to uncover an amazing tool within the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that will also work with the GS8 and GS8 Plus. Along with this, I found some great details on how to expand this feature to other apps.

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  1. I just noticed that if you add a non game app into the game center and then press and hold on it. You get an option to list it as a game. Giving you the features of screen recording without going into game mode. Thanks for this video. 🙂

  2. How did you come across that? I've never really had a need to record the screen outside of a game but now i'm going to find something, maybe a how to on photo editing apps..

  3. Is there a way to do GIF or short video from YouTube? I tried using smart select with the Spen but this doesn't record audio. Anyone know a way around?

  4. Im a die hard fan of this phone please please play aee please make more videos on this phone please please brother I can't buy it but atleaet your vids help me smile you won't understand please just keep ob making videos on Note 8

  5. Wow, i asked Sakitech if the Note8 had screen recording and he never replied back to my question. Jimmy could i take a screen recording of a Dji Phantom drone flight while flying? Could you maybe make a in depth video about this feature?

  6. So, the only way to record the screen (via built in Samsung) is to go through the game launcher? I don't like that. I would like to be able to have an icon on my phone (without using a 3rd party app) to start recording whatever is going on.. on my screen.

  7. This helped me so much. I was trying to figure out how to record my screen from a Snapchat conversation that I sent my friend a long time ago. This did it for me and now I can share that video. I love all ur videos. They help me use my S8+ so much better.

  8. Dide.. Jimmy your vids are the best please make the video… also maybe more on the gif making and s pen customizable features maybe?? Thanks!!

  9. Sir I got an update for Game Launcher App and When Saw it Showed the S9,S9+and the S9 mini whilecit was updating in the Galaxy App store I saw those phones in the Screenshots

  10. Been knew about this since I've first got the phone… Note:the sound comes out with the speed enhanced a little, so it's not good for music. Even some of the talking sounds weird.