Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch event in 10 minutes

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The Samsung event’s a wrap and the Galaxy S8, after months of leaks and rumors, is official at last. If you missed the keynote, we have all the crucial moments highlighted for you here, from the moment the S8 appeared onstage to Gear VR updates. Subscribe:

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  1. Hey the Verge, can you make a video or write an article about how all these tech companies make these slick presentations? What software are they using? What's the process?
    K bye thx

  2. The phone is gorgeous but the os is estetically not pleasing they should work on that aspect of the game im not gonna lie i love the iPhone beautiful os i tjink Samsung should completely redesign their skin .

  3. " Do you want me to eat the keto fish and asparagus or the vanilla paste". Lmao who remembers that south park episode with the humancentipad? Now tell me that asian guy dosen't sound exactly like the other asain guy from south park lol xD