Samsung's new Galaxy Fold is a phone and tablet — and is $2,000

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a phone that opens up like a book into a tablet. The Washington Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler has the details. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Nice idea, but at that price not sure how many people will go for it at launch, but maybe after a year or so when the price drops.

  2. Someone else brought up a good question…what about a phone case to protect it when you drop it? How will a phone case work with this folding phone? Or can they even make a phone protector case for it?

  3. Are people going to start trying to created a bendable screen protector for this phone LMAFO or a protective case loool, i wouldnt buy a $2,000 phone to accedently drop it and shatter the screen. And damage the rest of the phone.

  4. the device is a technological breakthrough, a device that is going to change human interaction with technology, it is a thing which is surely going on to take us to next level of communication and connectivity