Scary Robber VS Scary Stranger 3D VS Sinister Sausage – Android & iOS

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⭐Download Scary Robber:
⭐Description: Brian is one curious boy with a passion for seeking adventures. His Parents sent him away for summer camp and went on a cruise for two weeks. Brian’s adventurous instinct couldn’t let him rest and he decided to sneak out from the summer camp and went home. Being alone at home was only something he could have dreamed of! Little did he know that his little stunt would take a far more exhilarating twist.

⭐Download Scary Stranger:
⭐Description: Bob always gets mischievous when he comes across strangers. An old man moved near his house. Rumor has it that he was a school teacher once. It’s been Bob’s dream to tease a teacher all his life. The stranger looks suspicious and scary.

⭐Download Sinister Suasage:
⭐Description: Wild things are crawling in the dark fall. A night hunter sausage has appeared out of nowhere and is hunting everyone who is running scared. The nightcrawler sausage is one of the freaky eaters whose existence is a scary mystery. The sausage is a night hunter who loves dark fall so that it can hunt at night.


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