Search Functionality for RecyclerView – Android Studio Tutorial

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In this video we will implement a search functionality for our RecyclerView so we can filter it’s items by their text. For this we will use an EditText, the setTextChangedListener method, a TextWatcher and the afterTextChanged method.

Source code, dependencies etc:

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  1. I'm having problem in the mAdapter.filterList(filteredList) it said Cannot resolve method 'filterList(java.util.ArrayList<edu.sti.thesisapp.ExampleItem>) but i already did the function of the filterList in the ExampleAdapater
    please help i really need it 🙁

  2. I'm having the same problem as MoZenLen, but I didn't find a solution? Could you please help me, I made everything like in your tutorialsmAdapter.filterList(filteredList) it said  Cannot resolve method 'filterList(java.util.ArrayList<edu.sti.thesisapp.ExampleItem>)

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